Lam Dong Proposes A Title Of “elite Artisan ‘for 7 Artisans

Lam Dong province has 7 artisans granted by a specialized council (Ministry of Culture - Sports and Tourism) to the State Council to review the title of 'excellent artisan' in the field of intangible cultural heritage TIME III - 2021.0: 00/0: 49 Southern nationals, 7 artisans of Lam Dong are holding the type of intangible cultural heritage (Folk performing arts) are artisans with many dedication, The enthusiasm, typical of the career of conservation and promoting the traditional cultural values of localities. Artisans are offered to donate include: K'Brel Artisan (Bao Thuan Commune, H. Di Linh) , Artisan K'Ta (Dinh Lac Commune, H. Di Linh), Nghe Nhan Kră Jă Ha Lieng (Da Sar Commune, H

. Lạc Dương), Nghe Nhiên K'Buoi (Dong Nai Thuong, H. Cat Tien ), Artisan K'Tuong (Da Ploa Commune, H. Da Huoai) and Ya Ba Artisan, Ya Ya Artisan in Ta Hine Commune, H
Duc Trong.L.Đ

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