Lamborghini Is About To Unveil The Countach Supercar For $ 3.5 Million

Lamborghini Countach is a sample of a two-door car, which is symbolized by the car company in 1970.0p2: 00/0: 49nam in the South before the launch event, Lamborghini announced the video revealing on the Unica app. One of Lamborghini officials revealed, the car will be called Countach LP 800-4. Another source said the new model will be based on SIAN FKP 37 and has a 6.5-liter V12 engine as well as the system Mild-hybrid

. This seems feasible because Sian has a capacity of 808 more horsepower than Countach LP 800-4 a bit. The original lines on Lamborghini Countach are still widely app on Aventador, Urus, Huracan to Sian. Italy, this supercar sample is produced a limited number of 112 vehicles with a price of 3
5 million USD. The car owns a capacity of about 800 horsepower, comes with a 4-wheel drive system. An ants, Lamborghini will launch a new model at Monterey car demonstration week.

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