Lan Ngoc, Because The Beauty Drops

This year 'Ngoc Female screen' Lan Ngoc has turned around 31, so it is difficult to escape the aging 9: 00/2: 50 namninh Duong Lan Ngoc is one of the young beauties who claim to act as Don't show yours. She was constantly contributing to wide screen super products and recovered viewers by his "peak" role. Not only talent, Lan Ngoc also possesses beautiful beauty sucking millions of followers. This helps Lan Ngoc become a muse of many Vietnamese ntk.Co is also a beautiful person who is favored by the people who have a nickname "Ngoc Female screen" after increasing Thanh Ha by the above factors

. Surprising like such a perfect person can not have a shortcoming but recently, she "peeled off" her realistic beauty on Story Personal Story made many fans "Fire". Face actors face Whoops don't dare to face the camera directly when the face is better than the flower suddenly appears ugly acne spots. Easy to see in the cheeks next to the groove with acne notes ranked stubborn to Make Up also gave a loser
Perhaps the saying, who is alone is right. Lan Ngoc was reassuring himself, "Well up. Puberty, it's okay," It said that, in a rare Vietnamese showbiz with a strong one to show off her shortcomings with cameras In 1990. Because with celebrities, faces, skin and beauty are treasure to support themselves on the artistic path of art. Yuan Ngoc Day is often fascinated with people opposite patch. She owns the tuning contours, so there is no need to make a makeup too bold enough for anyone to shake it. In the previous fashion shots, Lan Ngoc is still beautiful like "Ngoc Female". Her skin is colored with neck skin, hands and just support a little bit from Make Up. In addition to the shooting corners that can see her skin quite smoothly, even shiny. The areas around her eyes when laughing there are a bit mild but absorbing no acne
If you are thinking, makeup can give a magic with a disadvantage skin with the erotic acne, maybe you are wrong . Concealer can only cover red or dummy marks but cannot be smooth. Therefore, a skin with pimples cannot be deceived, unless the Photoshop impact. From the recently shared images to see, maybe she has worked too much or has an unreasonable living regime leading to acne. Can anyone happen to anyone at any age, only There are things from the age of 25 onwards, the dense acne condition will be less, but once it will be very large acne. Therefore, sisters are not neglected with the following Tips to prevent acne and aging to suddenly re-hand their hand in time. It is enough and on time to socialize to help everyone more time But at the same time, a 2-blade knife. Because some sisters have disturbed the time of living, sleeping the time zone, staying up and late or eating 2 meals made 1 due to late. When women begin to sleep more than 11 pm. Starting from this hour's frame on behind the skin without breaking will become more dry and deep. Some of the oil skin team can be messy, causing the pores and acne pores, it is strict with themselves to repeat the sleeping time for the skin to rest. The squirrel does not want the skin of acne more or the more wrinkles appear as much, sisters should spend this rare time to compensate for Skincare - day activities are usually rushed because they are busy working. For acne skin, you need to make a makeup, enhance deep cleansing with double cleansing and burst, exfoliate. Use additional active ingredients retinol / tretinoin or acne dot products to resist inflammation, dry acne. What do you do, you feel good with your skin as mask. Note Priority types of masks containing ha or clay masks to simultaneously moisturize and clean deep, greasy control. Don't forget to exercise and drink enough water in the room to close the door. Carpeting and opening a home GYM. Exercise not only keeps a beautiful physique but also helps to promote the digestion process, strengthen blood circulation and skin secretion systems, support healthy skin and prevent acne, anti-aging. Don't forget to compose pure water during and after the process of episodes.Lan Ngoc is very successful from colleagues, so she will soon improve the skin.

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