Lan Phuong Cried And Cried And Punched Her Husband’s Dust Bag: ‘i Took Me About Only I Made My Home Strawberry’

Memorable scenes of Lan Phuong and Hong Dang in the new movie 'Sunny Day on'.0: 00/1: 50 nam 00:00: 00/10: 44 New a backstage clip on sunny day about the scene "Action" It will appear in episode 9 broadcast on December 1 has been released. This is a scenic scene with the foot of the foot of Van Khanh couple (Lan Phuong) and Germany (Hong Dang). The reason is that this scene is due to the stories and uncomfortable moments when his mother-in-law tells the story of Khanh's mother's mother and his family's maids.Nghe comes here, it is too shocked and unbelievable Husband can spoken contempt from cheap and dismantling her mother

. There was no idea of being angry to double when Khanh discovered her husband to lie to hide the house, ran home to his parents to play. As for anticipating the German "curly hair" was excited by the wife's wrath, both The two had a quarrel to each other. Although the film has not yet aired but through the backstage clip can see the level of toughness of the incident
As shared from EKIP This is the most emergency scene of actor Lan Phuong, how many uncomfortable pentals made her cry sobs. In the clip, Lan Phuong cried and said, "I took him back Only I made my bride, not my mother, my mother didn't make strawberries at his house. Anytime of the 60-year-old woman, waiting for her daughter, serving the son-in-law to finish serving her Among this. Today also serve this unpopular grandmother today. This time is like that? Is it a help in front of your mother? Why is it too much, huh? "Germany could not respond to anything, and then excited the punches and stones for his wife. Every dialogue, expressive, Lan Phuong's voice was very absorbent, exuding the compression emotion and the flood when his mother-in-law despised his mother. Watch the next episodes of Sunny Day to feel the most obvious about the movie's movie!

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