Lan Phuong Stuns With The Scene Of ‘attack’ Hong Dang

In the 'sunny day about' episode 9, Lan Phuong has an emotional scene when 'foot dynamic "with Hong Dang.0: 00/2: 55 Southern Sunny Day on episode 9 medium to wave last night , The focal point in this episode is the phase of "immediately broke" by Khanh (Lan Phuong) for her husband is Germany (Hong Dang). The source of attacking the main problem is from the excessive attitude of Ms. Hien (NSND Lan Huong). The mother-in-law is summoned to the cooking house to treat you but because Khanh is busy with the job so Ms

. Nga (Thanh Quy) has helped Girls cook and bring food to home. Any doubt, Ms. Hien Because of the offer with friends who lied Mrs
Nga was a "maid for hours". The flag, this statement not only to Russia's ears, but Khanh also heard her feel extremely beautiful . It was like that throughout the meal, Khanh had to head the dark face to listen to Ms. Hien's wrong. Meanwhile, Germany did not help anything, and lied to stay in the company while essentially hiding to the mother-in-law early to watch football. When Tan Ban, Ms. Hien and Duc also did not help Khanh cleaned the unknown though she turned on throughout the whole session, nothing had anything in the stomach. She was not only a mistreat because he was bullied by her mother-in-law, but because her husband hadn't once dared to protect his wife, always crushed like a deep. I made my bride, my mother didn't make a bride. Anytime of the 60-year-old woman, waited for her daughter, to the son-in-law, serving her grandson, and today also served Both Mrs
Thong, Then Ms. Thong Ms. Thong ... Anytime is like that? Germany? His mother just faded, why did his mother dare to call my mother to make your mother in front of your mother? Why Can so much it? " However, when filming, Lan Phuong's mind-acting acting has made the audience extremely touched, in the backstage clips of the newly shared, because too angry, the actress stormed into the stones, hitting it Back, even ... Flap But Mong Hong Dang. Because she was too busy, she also shouted at the last minute: "Hand pain too!", Make all the members of the film with even laughing. It was actively washed, squeezing his wife, squeezing his wife to be angry. However, this is only a temporary plan, because of the personality of Khanh's mother, certainly conflicting the German family will escalate. The story of Germany - Khanh, Duy (Dinh Tu) is increasingly showing clearness Exciting with Van Trang (Huyen Lizzie). When the marketing room organizes a small party to welcome the two new employees, only hear people say that the page is a young, talented, good manner and never give up. Nearby as Van Trang's life only rotates Around the job: "A year without a leave one day, don't go slowly for a minute and not slow the deadline." . At this moment, the page has entered the room, she immediately scolded him. See the episodes next to the sunny day of airing on broadcasting at 21h40 Thursday 2,3.4 weeks on VTV3.

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