Lana Del Rey Disappears From The Social Network Before Leaving A New Album, Revealing The Reasons For Surprise

Lana Del Rey suddenly announced the decision to suspend operations from social networking sites before the comeback makes it unusual from sheltering 11:00 / 1: 25 nammong in the latest announcement, female singer Lana del Rey real I think you will stop temporarily working on your social network accounts to focus on the upcoming work and art projects. "Simply because I have many other things need to pay more attention, these The demanding of the privacy and clear transparency "- Lana Del Rey shared his sudden decision.00: 00/02: 45 times, the female singer also affirmed that she will continue to launch the production Music products and personal poetry practices in the near future. Last week, Lana Del Rey released the Arcadia single in the Blue Banisters project. Her 8th studio album is scheduled to be released on October 22 here

. "I always present and love the work I do. I am completely here for music as well as trying to make a number of different goals. " - Lana Del Rey reassures the latest fans
Album Chemtrails Over the Country Club Help the female singer reach 2nd position on the Billboard 200 chart. End the video, the Born To Die shared that she wants Narrow your concerns and spend time developing skills and other hobbies. She also thanked fans for always accompanied and supported his music products.LaLa del Rey in the first appearance before communication at the beginning of this year. This decision of Lana Del Rey, some excessive fans simultaneously booed, constantly spam commented that female singers can return to social networks. Meanwhile, some people supported the female singer's decision, wanting her to have a break after the past hips. "Sado music" was constantly criticized because the album cover was Suppose ... "too alum"
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