Land Cruiser Debuted The New Generation On The Occasion Of ‘age 70’

Toyota has officially launched a new generation of SUV 'president' Land Cruiser in Vietnam market. With the name Land Cruiser 300, the model has breakthrough changes, ensuring the most fully satisfying the requirements of the Power Owner.0: 00/4: 09N NAMTOYOTA LAND Cruiser Generation Car Model The new Cruiser was famous as "Mr. Hoang" of the ranges, accompanying businessmen on long-term trips. Right from the first generation, Toyota Jeep BJ has chosen the trust in a different, strong and delicate SUV model

. This is also the first model who has successfully exceeded the 6th control key of Nui Phu Doctor and official "early army" for the Japanese National Police Agency. However, at the end of 1953, this model was only renamed Land Cruiser today.70 years ago, Toyota Land Cruiser expressed as the promise of a car "persistent, trusted and excavated Impressive image "
Through generations, LAND Cruiser makes customers always marry, admiring before playing, bear the spending of Japanese carms every time they launched this line upgrade. Apparatus as a line of 80 series, produced Exporting in 1989 to 1998 was once celebrated with impressive off-road capabilities that were not a model at that time to do it. Or like the Land Cruiser LC200, the model is considered to be the most famous in all life cycles with excellent reconciliation between operation and luxury, handy. "Each version of Land Cruiser carries one color Colors are very different, but in general, this is a symbol of experiencing, old and a little feeling of sense of success in it, "said a shared land cruiser driver.Toyota Land Cruiser is still Rolling cakes on more than 170 countries and territories. Along with that, 10.4 million cars were sold during their 70 years of gold lipstick history. However, this model has not shown signs of heat reduction when each year has an additional 300,000 new cars shipped in the world.Viet Nam, one of the first markets to Toyota Land Cruiser 300 new generationToyota has made The whole world was unexpected to launch the new generation LAND Cruiser with the new breakthroughs. This once again confirmed the position of a unexpected position of a monument in the world car industry
And luckily, Vietnam is one of the first markets that will soon welcome this latest version. New generation has been developed on the TNGA platform, which helps reduce vehicle weight. Besides, the key vehicle is lowering and allocating a more reasonable weight to make the ability to constitute the sugar that is significantly improved. Especially, LC300 will still give us the "identity" experiences inherently As a durability, strong and the ability to cross the flexible terrain.Toyota also replaces the V8 engine to the V6 engine system. Land Cruiser owns a double voltage 3.5 V6 gasoline engine with a maximum capacity of 409 HP at the 5,200 rpm, maximum torque reached 650 nm at a round of 2,000 - 3,600 rpm and automatic gearbox grant. The new generation Land Cruiser meets Euro 5. The core value of the LAND Cruiser's core is still maintained and promoted by LC300; It is the ability to cross terrain with equipment such as Multi Terrain Select (Multi Terrain Select), Crawl Control (CRAWL Control), multi-terrain monitor monitor (Multi-terrain monitor), Features support when entering crabs (Turn Assist) ... Helps to support the driver in the road conditions. Can say, LC300 is doing well what LC200 man has "transmitted", even part Perfect. With the goal of becoming Toyota's subsequent main model, Land Cruiser 300 will definitely be favored with the latest technologies in the market. The most proud of the safety support system High-class initiative that the world's No. 1 car company owns Toyota Safety Sense, including: Collision warning (PCS), Lane tracking support (LTA), active journey control (DRCC), Automatic Far Shiplights (AHB) will support the driver throughout the trip. It can be said, Land Cruiser LC300 is the most complete version when combining advantages from predecessor versions with taper The most advanced technology of the present. Still keeping the capital characteristic of the Land Cruiser line: "Durable, trusted and impressive off-road capability," LC300 also does better when it has been harmed with the luxury and sophistication of one Modern SUV template.

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