Lang Son Customs Strong With Tax Debt

Last time, despite the time of tax grace period as prescribed, many businesses in Lang Son province still did not fulfill tax payment obligations, leading to the situation of the amount of taxable debt continued. In fact, the amount of tax debt recovery of Lang Son Customs since the beginning of the year is still low. The last time, the General Department of Customs requires units throughout the industry to strengthen the recovery and handling Tax debt. Last time, to maximize the business community, the Government issued tax grace policies. Accordingly, enterprises when importing and exporting goods with tax rates may still be able to apply for a tax grace dossier for 90 days according to regulations

. However, taking advantage of government ventilation policies, some businesses do not fulfill tax obligations with the State. Preliminary statistics of Lang Son Customs Department said, as of 31 / 8, the total amount of tax debts incurred in the management area of over VND 186 billion. In particular, the debt group is waiting for exemption and reduction, crossing debts and debt removal regulations nearly 182 billion dong; The debt of administrative violations of over VND 700 million
.. Up to September 12, Lang Son Customs has also recovered and handled 984.3 million VND for debts incurred before January 1, 2021 As for debts arising in 2021, the unit has recovered and handled over 4.5 billion VND. This situation, Lang Son Customs has synchronized many solutions to recover tax debts in a way effective. Accordingly, Lang Son Customs leaders have directed the Sub-Departments and units to focus on reviewing and statistics of all cases of enterprises with tax debts over the deadline and evaluating each debt , the actual status of debt enterprises ... Since then, develop a specific debt collection plan for each enterprise in accordance with the law
Besides business measures, Lang Son Customs Department has also issued decisions. Prepare to suspend customs clearance activities for tax debt enterprises Overall, and coordinate with competent agencies in the province to issue a decision to temporarily postpone exit for business owners and representatives The laws of the business are debt according to the regulations. Throughout the industry stops carrying out customs procedures for these enterprises in all gates across the country. At the same time, clarity of the Tools report C Customs to have a written request for local authorities where businesses register for business to coercure by measure to revoke the business registration certificate of overdue tax debt enterprises. The collection of tax debts, last time, the General Department of Customs requires units throughout the industry to strengthen the recovery and handling of tax debts, check the management of local tax debts in the locality. Along with that, focus on reviewing and holding the tax debt situation in the unit, classifying debt groups capable of collecting and debt cannot be collected to issue decisions to assign debt recovery targets to the Departments Quan provincial, city. Besides, the General Department of Customs also directs the units to review debt groups, in which each debt group has detailed assessment of each debt according to each debt enterprise, real situation of the business, handling all of the old debts, not to generate new debts; Assign the recovery target and handle debts capable of collecting each Customs Department to urge and handle ... PV. (Th)

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