Large Calves Must Be Reduced With A 2-minute Exercise Every Day

Large calves will no longer be the obsession of women when they know the following tips to help take care of soft, beautiful and beautiful legs.0: 00/2: 24 namdi streaming, unhealthy dining habits, Going to high and long-heeled shoes .. The main reasons for the high calf phenomenon in women. In order to prevent the size growth and make the calf, first of all, it must remove the food containing many sugars, sweets, carbonated water, stimulants, grease, canned food, salt-making foods

. . Instead, eat lots of green vegetables, restrict salty eating, eat a lot of nuts, lean meat, fruit from nature to consume and limit excess fat to the body. Besides, take a lot of filtered water to adjust the hormones better
Foot reduction board1. Episode pins wherever you have a wide-legged, high-ranked legs and lower the floor (note that heels are not hitting the floor). Festuated so continuously until 40 pieces / times stop. After getting used to 50 and 60 pieces / day. Note: This movement helps reduce thigh fats very effectively but you should only practice in the evening because the daytime day, so it will work greatly Higher than it. Sitting and shrugging the leg straight back on the chair, holding two small blocks or water bottles, put on the lap. Then it's gently shrugged up and down. Identify 30s.3 continuously. Vertical maca, keeping the original 20s4 posture
The hand touches the foot of the legs a little staggering, one hand putting on the feet of the cylinder, the rest stretched forward. The bag of people so that the other hand touches the nose of the legs. Jump continuously before - after forward - after continuously in 30s. Besides the exercise of the foot, the calf massage and foot soak are also extremely effective in reducing thigh fat, calf.Massage Calfing Masassage is one of the ways to make a very effective calf, combined with oil or lotion for small slender calves and smoother. Simple muscular massage movements you can do at home: put the legs in parallel with the ground, massage the thighs and the calves in the counterclockwise, from the bottom to top and from the top below Annuct.Massage calves helps stimulate blood circulation blood circulation, improving terrifying skin areas and coloring simultaneously supports reducing fat fats that are very effective without training hard or abstaining from miserable legs The legs helps to do a lot of calves and relax very well for a very susceptible to swelling because they have to travel much. Soak your feet in warm water every day, especially before going to bed will help improve blood circulation, eliminate the swelling of the foot. Foot soaking water in about 42 to 45 degrees is the most appropriate. The height of the best foot soaked water is water so flooded to the knee. For a spoon of grain salt, stir the hand for salt to dissolve into the water. After that, soak the foot within 15 minutes. Dung Linh / VietQ

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