Large Gray Bear Surgery: Shocked With The Perpetrator

Gray bears removed the network after being attacked by their own prey.0: 00/1: 43 Southern people of hiking people discovered the body of a grizzly bear located on the road. This is a familiar walking path with many people. After receiving the news, Parks Canada's rangers came to bring the bear body out of here, avoiding it attracting the predators or the predators Feeding species Dangers with danger to pedestrians. Gray is the most scary predator not only in Canada but also in North America, they are not sure what killed gray bears

. Looks like it was stabbed by something and armpit. A quick corpse examination was made and the culprit caused many amazing people. David Laskin wildlife researcher shared with the local news agency said after an examination and analysis, wounds Before died on the gray bear body completely coincided with the size and shape of the mountain goat horn
Location of wounds on the neck and armpits of this gray bear shows that maybe goat after being attacked after being attacked Reflective, use her horns to stab her predators. According to Laskin's analysis, when gray bears attack them often tend to focus on the head, nape and shoulder prey. At that time, the defensive reaction of the mountain goat was to protect themselves by using sharp horns. In this case, it was successful. Mountain with horns caused death to the killer for the tombs, though rarely a mountain goat survived when he was attacked by gray bears, not to kill the predator but Nothing is impossible. This happened in the past though very rarely. National Geographic, male goats can weigh up to 136kg and have an incredible climbing ability to help them move on the terrain extremely dangerous. They are also familiar prey with gray bears. In this case, the gray bear is quite small compared to his species. A gray gray bear can weigh up to 360kg
The upper number of bears is an incomplete individual and also reproduced.

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