Last Week Mutation, Moon Cake Stove Simultaneously Stop Selling

This year, the number of guests resulting in suddenly, human resources are limited due to social insulation so many moon cake cookers have to announce to stop receiving units despite another week to Mid-Autumn Festival.02: 00/2 : 56 NTETNAMESE SOUTH 12/9, Name Mid-Autumn Festival for more than a week, but Ms. Le Ngoc Yen - Owner of Cake Kitchen at Nguyen Van Cu (Long Bien, Hanoi) announced a personal Faecbook to stop receiving cakes. She said it was overloaded, if she continued to receive it would not do it. This is the first year she has to stop receiving such early guests

. Please indicate that the moon cakes this year do not increase the price, the buyer tends to increase. However, she still had to stop receiving the order because there was no manpower. The Mid-Autumn Festival last, Yen's cake kitchen with about 7-8 people continuously to pay for customers
This year, due to social relaxation, the kitchen is only alone, the amount of cake sold is only 1/10 compared to last year. On the "network market", handmade moon cakes are still quite vibrant (Photo: Le Ngoc Yen) The moon cake price ranges from 50,000-150,000 VND / cake depending on the type (Photo: pH) "On this occasion, I only receive orders of familiar people, the area around the house. It wasn't too much until I was over until I didn't take it. From now until 14/8 lunar calendar, I enlisted to pay for previous placed applications, "Sister Yen shared. Tuyet Thi Tuyet, owner of a moon cake in Xuan La (Tay Ho, Hanoi), Also said, she stopped accepting the application from Sunday just because of overloading. Snowman Moon cake sold until now was 6 years. In the Mid-Autumn Festival, she began to do and sell from 1/7 lunar calendar to the right day of the first day. The kitchen has more than a dozen people made, the amount of cakes sold every season near Van Luc. In addition, she also sells moon cake types to serve families to buy on homemade. On this occasion, she did not melt the cake to sell, focusing on making baked cakes, flexible cakes because of the kitchen Only 4 people do
One day doing the capacity of about 300 cakes, guests who ordered online again increased suddenly, it was so so early overloaded soon. A lottery box can be up to 500,000 VND (Photo: pH) this year Because of social insulation so the cake kitchens lack human resources (Photo: Le Ngoc Yen) So this time many cake cookers announced to sell (Photo: pH) according to her, in previous years, when in the season, central cakes Collected full of supermarkets, on Hanoi sidewalk. This year, due to Covid-19 epidemic, some businesses stop production, supermarkets are also less sold. This is also the reason why people come to the cake cookers online more. He only makes vegetarian cakes, raw materials are organic products that have expensive prices, but now are overloading orders. He said, moon cake making kitchen is over 2 weeks. So far, the number of cakes sold up to 4,000. The trend of guests to buy cakes for Mid-Autumn Festival is growing strongly. Hieu's Hieu has only 7 employers, a day of about 600 pieces. Therefore, this time he almost accepted only wholesalers was a familiar, refusing to remote customers. The wholesale guests also have to wait at least 2 days, not 3-4 days to receive the cake because of the single, human resources are limited. On the recent "market market", the moon cake is handmade due to the Small branches are still quite exciting. Cake prices rangen from 50,000-150,000 VND / piece depending on the type and depending on the size. However, many people enjoy this cake reflected, this occasion to order is quite difficult because there is a kitchen break, many stoves are active, the overload does not receive more applications.

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