Late Married Women, Thought Not To Harm Unread

Women today are tending to marry late. This is probably the result of a progressive society, aware of the role of women increasingly more positively. Over the time of getting married based on her husband or '' parents sit there sitting there <: 00/1: 46 Southern women, the more qualified female marriages and freedoms. But the late marriage woman also followed the most consequences: non-married women create a burden of commune, aging population of the population so it will definitely happen to happen to be missing workforce and business Catholic development. In Asian countries, the default parental care for children

. But this day when young people are lazy for marriage, who will be a caregiver for them when they are old? Miscellaneous: Late marriage in women causing the problem of giving birth to a picture. Of the woman, but the more older the female body is harder to give birth like a young age. Especially if you give birth to the age of 35, the ability to miscarriage, births,
.. children born There are dangerous diseases like Down, ... greater. This is really a concern for the current society when the marriage trend is late because of the need to pursue a career or a personalism that is increasing. Thirdly: Health promotes become serious Do not marry or marry late in women also increase the risk of breast cancer. Because loneliness can create diseases such as depression. The illustration
Fourth: the relationship will be reduced to think while his friends have family and children It will also be difficult. Many singles are increasingly closed in social relationships, less exchanges with friends and people around. Part for busy friends, partly for many years old but not married Will also meet many questions like "ever married?". Society is increasingly open about marry late or not married, which is undeniable.Theo well and beautiful

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