I'm engrossed in front of the computer with the economic problem with the economic problem, the mother from the party's call room with: 'Tung, I took the motorbike to take my mother to go here for a moment'. 'Yes, where do you go?'. I stopped and asked again in: 00/9: 58 nammy men and opened the cabinet took the clothes to say: "Visit Uncle Quang's house. He was more accident than this week. Mom is too busy not visiting

. " "How do you know? I'm bewilderedly asking. " "Mother's friend from the day is taught on that Thanh Son". I wrote my mouth and thought and sip and said, "I'm hasty to complete this problem to complete the internship
Do you go tomorrow? " "No - I said grimly - my mother was even better than this week. When did he accident not visited to come when he was visiting, what else was there? With it, Mai Mom is busy on the tutoring class for poor schools. Examination to arrive. Well, leave it. Going with her for a moment ". As if it didn't let me deny, she continued preparing to go. I am reluctant to escape the machine. IMPORT: Dinh Huong is a college student, the Department of Economics. This period, the school for ten days to practice in practice. I chose some companies in my hometown to get home, with my mother and have more favorable conditions in surveying the situation of situation
After several days of collecting data, I rushed into writing thesis graduated. I wanted to study in high school, I hate very, although my mother is a teaching teacher. Mother often advises me: "Wanting to do anything, do it, first to be a man. Literature is learning to be a person. Literature helps children, please try to learn it. " I said: "Industrial age, informatics, must learn practical subjects Mom. Don't study well, have a person? With now, people strive to become a boss! " I looked at me shaking my head. I breathed in relief. Then my college's outcome was announced by the school to her mother, in which social subjects still flickered. Although the expertise I all reached quite or more, it seems unhappy. When I asked me about a few folk legends, some of the country's historical characters, the situation in the country and internationally ... see me bewildered, my mother was disappointed really. Mother reminds me to review how to improve people. I let my mother be muttering. Just hitting the internet I just whistled an overseas music, I didn't notice my mother who was watching me like looking at a stranger. *** My mother's mother went to the motorbike aiming at the district. I just want to quickly finish this to get your work. Honestly, I don't care much about someone. Just know because he lost his thing to do. And my mother sitting behind the car is still a mouth told about the old friend. The sound of the motorbike explosives, the sound of winding with the bustling scene of everyone walking in the evening made me almost abandoned the mother's words. Mother's words. I went to Mr. Quang's house. Guests in Uncle Ho's house are quite crowded. The set of tables and chairs in the middle of the house, the bed beside him tightly. The face of whom he seemed worried. My mother and daughter crept into the house. "Our father fathers, causing an accident for people like that and ran away. But called people? ". Some guys in the bed were rang out. Then people stir-fried to discuss: "It's a unprecedented furniture. Catch them, then get a jail ". "Young people, but I don't know. People walk along the road but also take a motorbike? " "May only break my arms, no ...". "Breaking her hand is also dead. His age must also lie in every month. He lay his face in the next bed. Head and hands are closed. My mother took his hand quietly on him and called: "Uncle Quang. Why come to this level? ". He still didn't budge. My mother shook slightly: "Uncle Quang, you and your child to visit this. I'm alright? " Uncle Quang turned his head to look at my mother and daughter. I was steadfast, hitting my heart, almost dropping the gift package. My mother grabbed: "Hearing the news, I have been killed this week but I'm busy the classroom too don't visit you. Today, it was convenient for me to go to practice, I told me to give me a visit. Are you heavy? " "Thank you - Uncle Ho's whispering - broke your hand and scratched slightly. It's okay". "Identify - My mother lamented - the car with a car, don't know how they walked in, but I went on? So didn't catch them? person. Literature helps me, please try to learn it. "Optical optical look at me, shake my head. My mother sighed, comforted:" Well, I'm not dead. A few days from the unconstone ". Mr. Quang smiled nodded. Then I remembered I stood by, my mother went on," I warehousing this. I. I gave me a gift! " Gift package on the head cabinet g

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