Lately Late At Night Received My Sister’s Phone, I Rushed To Ran Over And Surprised When She Saw The Scene

I looked at the clothes, the cradle was thrown in the yard, and her sister hugged her newer child than 3 months and cried and stunned. I led V's sister to debut, the whole family opposes. V is 4 years younger than my sister, famous as cotton hair, lazy play. I don't understand what he loves to love, a squid requires him to make her husband. My father suggested, she cried all but still didn't shake her will

. Wedding day, every cost because my house put money. But the money was happy, her mother-in-law was gathered and claimed that the money belonged to her. My parents immediately boiled the liver but because of his daughter's happiness, he had to hold back
A few days later, my sister returned, sadly born with gold to marry more than 2 quantities was confiscated by her mother-in-law. Her mouth said to hold the household but my sister got lost, gold came into her hand, there was no reclaiming. I went to work, the salary every month was more than 10 million. Previously, with that money, sister consumed and saved a little. Get married, five days of ten meals, she went to ask for a parents once. My father was angry, scolded. My mother loved her child so everyone was pregnant, the pregnancy is also given by me. She cried more, told her mistress. Her husband did not go to work and kept gathering friends drinking, scolding his wife. She brightened her eyes, intending to divorce again
Seeing her thin sick, I wondered myself and hated my brother-in-law, Illustrated. Currently, my sister gave birth to a daughter for 3 months. The first month, she went home to my house, so the furniture, shining cradle, milk ... were caused by my parents to buy. Clothes for her and I bought. Her husband's house bought several fresh milk boxes to bring through and then "asked" the chickens to make a drink. By the second month, she took me to her husband's house, but my parents sometimes submitted it to them, preparing to go to sleep, I received my sister's phone. She cried not. Panic, I took the car through her house and died when she saw the scene in front of him. Clothes, cribs, baskets ... All of her husbands are thrown out of the yard. She hugged me to stand beside, crying. Her husband still stood on the steps, drunk the threshold pointed to chasing his wife. It was too much, I called a taxi to take her mother and then call the truck to carry all the furniture. Now she asked for divorce, her husband came to stand in front of his wife and children. It is still threatened if you don't hold your child back, it is unpredictable. My parents because of her stories that silver hair goes. Now I didn't work now. I don't know how to help you. (Hongthuy ... @ under

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