Latvian Troops Were Criticized Because Of A Street Battle Made People Panic

Latvia's Riga capital has changed into 'war zone' last weekend when soldiers are equipped with heavy weapons exploding many guns, causing people to panic. This is part of the military exercise The team but did not have any signs or surrounding fences for people to stay away from.Video: Latvian soldiers exercise between streets. Source: RT00: 00/01: 13 videos about the exercise posted on the weekend social network showed that many soldiers were behind the tree or nestled behind the car and aimed at a building. The most frightening moment was when a soldier holding a rifle aims to shoot at the target as soon as a woman carried me over

. The sound of gunfire makes the mother afraid to quickly step through the baby and cry. There is no fence or sign showing that this area is being used for the exercise. While exercise soldiers, people remained around
Only a monitoring officer who does not carry weapons in soldiers are equipped with heavy weapons. Many criticisms are posted below the above videos. Some people believe that city residents need to be warned by a message about the exercise, while others say the rehearsal area should be completely blocked. Latvia team later apologized, Saying that they only use shells that do not load lead and confirm do not cause any casualties to civilians during rehearsals. The exercise process in Riga city is part of NATO NameJS 2021 exercises. , lasting from August 30 to October 3, takes place in many different locations in Latvia, with the participation of 9,300 soldiers from NATO member countries./. / VOV.VN (Bien Translate) According to RT

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