‘laughing’ Funny Comment On The Flow Of Red Beans And Dosses To ‘escape’

Occasionally, young people show off their own red bean beans and take photos of Facebook as a bustling social network. Many people ask questions: Those who last year to eat red bean tea to have a lover, this year? According to the concept of many people, the red beans are considered a food that brings a lot of luck because the red symbolizes For the good, luck on occasions like examination, bridge ... Many young people still transmit their ears if couples love each other to eat red bean tea on the day of gossip (July 7 lunar calendar) They will have a sustainable love, and with those who are odd balls alone will find "half"

. Vi substitute, many young people to buy and cook red bean tea with the desire to "escape", become a flexible trend every annual unemployment occasion. Red bean tea is transmitted by young people to eat to "escape Eh "However, is its performance like rumors? On social networks, many young people leave funny comments that make Netizen "laughs and laugh cows": just below the article with the content to ask your younger child to see if anyone eats red beans or not, you decide Nguyen Lap Instant comment: "I - a young man eating red beans for many years said: No effect, let that money buy" bait "to comfort yourself, better". Account with Dao Van Nha Expense the regret when it costs a lot of money to buy red beans but still through the comment: "The year ago I ate red bean tea, red bean water, red bean porridge
It's running out of money but still ..." Unlike many people, you have been proud of myself because I don't need to eat but always have a sudden success: "Ask what you have applied black beans with green beans or red beans has succeeded? ? I don't need to eat but success always unexpectedly - Tolerate the whole body. "" Correct to eat a lot will be full, but a lot of starches and starches will be fat, but no one loves ", is Comments There is a "awake" young part with nickname Thuy Linh. Young Lan Nhi has a surprise comment: "Last year did not eat still a lover on the right time. But in because it doesn't eat loves for 6 months, break up and divide this year now I don't have a lover so everyone should eat tea! "" This year cooks again. Probably last year Cooking the wrong formula should not have ", Lake Thi Dung said. Some other funny comments such as:" Every year every year, every year, the red bean tea, red bean porridge, red bean cake, only Lack of red beans. This year I also plan to make the last time, but it doesn't love me, but I don't buy too much red beans, I don't have any more years
"" I asked people to agree to be a lover I went from eating tea for fat, but I would have a lover. "" I told my mother to cook red bean tea early to wish a girl Love cute. My mother sounded unknown, so he cooked black bean tea, and that was ... "." Every year to eat without effective, this year changes feng shui to live for doubling effectively ". Standing at the couple holding hands to buy red bean tea. This year is different, I sat in a feet "... Chau Linh

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