Laughing In A Chair With Games And Driving From Tuan ‘slashing’ In ‘f5 Hegemony’

Tuan 'slashes' - one of the most impressive characters in the comedy' F5 series' by the possibility of 'slashing the wind into the gods'.0: 00/5: 50 nuns with the talent of the peak, Tuan "Guillotine" do not know how many times the boss, head and colleagues fall into the trap of funny and trouble tricks. The "driving" and "stroke" classics of Tuan's classics "slash "In the episode" Who is the most beautiful flower ", Tuan" slashes "sets the contest to find the most beautiful woman's face on the most beautiful people to give gifts to be a bunch of fresh flowers and bonus envelopes on 8 / 3. Both "eel" and nostalience are all over the rounds that Tuan "slash" poses, from the treating exam to the graceful round. "Guillotine" set the contest "Who is the most beautiful flower "

. So when the Chairman appeared, Tuan" slashed "a unexpected speed, turned to spend the most American words for the boss, of course flowers and gifts also donated the boss. He also "said unto" when the chairman asked if the gifts were given to the sisters. So the whole day of participating in the contest of Hoai Phuong and Huyen "Eel" suddenly becomes Cong Coc
Tuấn "Slashing" to spend all the gifts to the boss before the elevation of colleagues. , Tuan "slashing" has planned to divide the affection of the couple of Hiorao-Hoai Phuong when she sees both the faithfulness of each other, by punching strange people. Tuan "slashing" planning a detailed day of gifts, giving gifts and fake messages to go to the hotel, every day gave flowers and love cards with Phuong ... Finally the plan was successful, hegemony Embassy of jealous and angry wife, unable to hear your wife explain anything. "Slash" plans to divide the affection of family members - Hoai Phuong.The movie "husband people", Hoai Phuong putting pressure to make money on the husband, causing him to "buy the night" to bring money to his wife. Tuan "slashed" saw nostalgic about her husband with a pride voice. He was determined to see how the head of the "Hebrew" manager became a contractor that earned a lot of money
Finally Tuan "slash" discovered the truth that hegemony to do more work of workers. It doesn't stem from sympathy, Tuan "slashes" returns to the video as a mainly evidence to "false" Hoai Phuong, so Hoai Phuong saw her husband in the shape of Leave Leave Lee League, work limbs and nor talent What more Tuan "slashes". His guy followed the hazard to have a different view of her husband. Although every day hard for girls by calling the company's phone, but Tuan "slash" still There is no long love. One day the company has a newly beautiful staff name. Tuan "slash" certainly cannot ignore the opportunity for thousands of years has one to flirt with My. While still "nasal blood spray" when he saw beautiful girls, he also thought of the "Who had attraction" contest to betting with the Hebrew, who could be rewarded by My. By the time, Hoài Phương discovered the Calamology of My Rapper and gave her husband to a bat, Tuan "slashed" sitting nearly laughing and not defending a question. It is true that the typical brother of the saying "has a blessing with a self-suffering". "Slashing" betting "sawing with the" saw "of the new staff. It comes to Tuan" slashing "to be a monk Love for a new employee named Thuy, let this staff saw Kieu in the episode "unforgettable impression". Grasping the new weaknesses to come and not fully understand the personality of each person, adding Thuy Me Kieu like a cigarette right from the first glance, Tuan "slash" recommends to buy cakes, buy milk tea ... donate Kieu. In fact, Tuan Le told Kieu, if she received a gift, it was accepted that the love of love so Kieu was determined to not receive. And Tuan "slashed" was the one who "enjoyed the" to spend these parts before Thuy's impotence and surprised gaze of Kieu. The role of "Military", Tuan "slashed" a lot. "Get bitter fruit in the eyes of my brothers and sisters, Tuan" slashes "with a flashy appearance, the hair splits sometimes smooth, the ability to" slash the wind into gods ", eel slipped from behind to public . But "sowing the storm", Tuan "slashes" many times must not receive bitter times when it causes how many comedy situations occur with the family of Hisanang-Hoai Phuong and also colleagues. When "slashing "It was pretending that the strange man on the day and gave flowers and cards in front of Hoai Phuong's gate to hegematate the jealousy, it was when his lover he accidentally saw that scene. After reading the words of smells on the card, there was no girlfriend who could hold the anger. Lover Tuan "slash" is no exception. She gave him a ear, no need to hear the explanations stammered, then turned away, leaving Tuan "slashing" and sore one side of cheeks and bitterness in his heart. Loving "slashing" Flowers for others and say farewell. In the time of the contract with the reception of the new employee name My name, then the lover of Tuan is My Facebook friend, also drop the heart of Tuan to take a girl, then call claim

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