Laughing In Front Of The Body 2 Comparison Screen My Idol Tea House, Hayden Clowns Are Different Because Of A Special Hobby

Indeed when placing two boys of Tra My Idol side by side, everyone was surprised by the children's unrelated appearance, but still excited to 'release his heart' with his hand because he was "huge. : 00/2: 15The nam nuoc is very popular on the hot kid track of showbiz, two lodder singer Tra My Idol always make fans simply rub because of lovely, sniffy. But perhaps the most special attraction is the interesting opposite from the spouse to the personality of the two boys and joins (Hayden). New social networks are extremely interested in passing each other Puzzle photo compares the unrelated appearance of the two Idol Tea House. If your brother gia huy (left image) took the bare, hitched his belly to reveal all the skinny ribs, the Hayden (right photo) owned a belly to luck, stacking "four citrus"

. Full of humor of the two elephants Tra My Idol. It must be said that only a simple collage is enough to make the network community "laugh breathless" because of this two children's opposite. Many people are humorous to acknowledge their "Muffle" of themselves like Hayden
Also no fans describe their females "like two drops of water" with the family to fly "Haha" without stopping. With the hard fans of the two bhikkhu is no stranger to the "reverse-way" images On quickly in joking: "My mother is cleverly raised two sons one by one, Ten End" ten "," Most Mother My, Number 10 Full for 2 loves ", ... before that In one of his share, Tra My Idol used to surprise many people when revealing the weight of two sons. While the 2-year-old Hayden Holy weighed 19kg, only poor Brother Gia Huy was 6 years old 1kg. Ly award for the difference in appearance of the two lines of his house, the singer confided itself She also wishes her child healthy, good resistance. However, every baby's passion is completely different and the absorption capacity of the two children is not the same as the Idol Tra My house is just placed next to each other because of the lovely opposite In terms of exterior. The Hayden baby is endless with food, always "looking to the refrigerator" so she doesn't have to force or worry about her eating. Even to limit your baby to eat because of fear that eating too much is not good for the liver and kidneys
Also, the voice "Don't remind him" also message Mom should not be too worried with the baby to eat forever weigh on. As long as children are still healthy, see if their children's indicators are normal, nothing has to worry about. As the baby houses her eating and eating is different from his younger brother, eating meals to 8 hours so 6 years old has 20kg.

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