Launching Insurance Products With Long Protection Terms In The Market

Dai-Ichi Vietnam Life Insurance Company (Dai-Ichi Life Vietnam) has introduced the product market 'An Tam Song Hanh'.Products for customers aged 30 days old to 65 years old , Flexible choosing a defense period of 11 years to 100 years. This is one of the highest-coated product-based products and the longest protection term available in the market. With the same premium, customers have two flexible choices of rights Insurance depending on demand: Basic insurance benefits are suitable for customers who are much interested in saving factors; and advanced insurance benefits for customers who are much interested in the protection factor. The room in the market with a selection of parallel protection, "peace of mind" shows uniqueness and breakthroughs in the spirit Kaizen: constantly improving, innovating and always placing customers is a focus

. With the selection of parallel protection, customers can register a person in parallel protection (NDSHBV) to the same companion protected with the insured person for accidental rights without additional charge Insurance and health evaluation. The NDSHBV is the legal purchase or wife / child / child of the insurance buyer. NDHBV can be flexibly supplemented or changed during the duration of the insurance contract
In the participation period, customers can flexibly change the needs of protection and increase protection with additional products Insurance for hospitalization, health care, serious diseases ... Customers can flexibly pay additional insurance premiums up to 5 times basic premiums per year or change the fee indicating from five contracts Thursday onwards. During the participation of contract insurance, customers can withdrawate part of the contract account value or advance from the refund value for unexpected financial needs.: Dai-Ichi Life VietnamPhamps

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