Launching, Selecting And Sending Pictures To Participate In The Asian Children’s Painting Festival Enikki

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued Decision No. 2429 / QD-BVHTTDL dated 13/9 on the organization of launching, selecting and sending competitions to participate in the Asian Children's Panel Festival Enikki, Japan. Art Council selection of competition competition in 2020. (Photo: Fine Arts Department, Photography and Exhibition) The Ministry of Arts, Photography and Exhibition shall assume the prime responsibility for coordinating with the International Cooperation Department Cave, select and send children's children at elementary schools, cultural houses and clubs to participate in the Asian Children's Children's Festival in Japan. Time launched from September 2021 to October 2022

. The edition clearly states, the Organizing Committee of the Asian Children's Children's Festival Enikki, Japan supports the launching funding and choosing their paintings Vietnamese children sent to Japan. Drawing of children attending the festival in 2020. (Photo: Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibition) Asian Children's Festival Enikki by Mitsubishi public issues committee ; The Federation of Associations and UNESCO Asia-Pacific Associations and the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan organized
Festival to respond to the United Nations Declaration on the year of international literacy held in 1990, since then, the competition has been promoting mutual understanding and international exchanges between Asian countries. Festival is a children's illustration diary to describe rich daily lives in countries and areas of Asia.

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