Launching The Online Competition To Understand The Tradition Of Vietnam Red Cross

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Red Cross (November 23, 1946 - November 23, 2021), the Central Red Cross Vietnam launched the online competition to learn the tradition Red Cross Vietnam From September 15-15, 10/2021.Cali Online Contest Learn the tradition of the Vietnam Red Cross will take place from September 15-15, 2021. (Source: Central Vietnam Red Cross) The competition towards the purpose of helping officials, members, volunteers, Red Cross teenagers and people reviewing the 75-year historical history of establishment , construction and development of the Vietnam Red Cross; Hun casting pride, cheering, encouraging and blowing up aspirations to strive, dedicating, contributing to the career of building a strong growing association, is a professional, core humanitarian organization, bridge Connect and coordinate in the humanitarian activities of the country. At the same time, improve the image and position of the Vietnam Red Cross Association in the public, contributing to attracting companionship participation of organizations and individuals For association activities. Content of the contest revolves around: the history of 75 years of Vietnam Red Cross; Organization and operation of the Vietnam Red Cross; Party guidelines and policies and State laws related to red cross activities; Vietnam Red Cross as a member of the Red Cross Movement and the International Red Crescent Moon; Humanitarian ideas Ho Chi Minh

. Objects of contest are all Vietnamese citizens. Contents of the contest are designed in the form of multiple-time tests including 20 sentences, each one point. Participants answer multiple choice questions according to the software set software designed with a maximum of 30 minutes
The multiple-choice test section is automatically scored, the results of the test are displayed immediately after the participants completed the contest section including: Total test score and completion time of competition. Online on the electronic website of the contest (at the link: is connected on the e-news page of the Vietnam Red Cross Association. Award structure Exam consists of 1 first prize of VND 3 million; 2 second prizes, each 2 million VND; 3 third prizes, each 1 million VND; 20 consolation prizes, each VND 500,000. In addition, the Organizing Committee awarded a 2. million dong award for the unit with the most participants. The announcement and awarding the contest was conducted on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Cross Red Vietnam (expected in late November 2021).

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