Launching The Pilot Competition To Celebrate The 75th Anniversary Of The Nationwide Resistance

The competition to affirm the viewpoint and guidelines of the Party and the State on building and protecting the Fatherland in the new period; Actively struggle to fail to defeat the anti-destructive plot of hostile forces. The defense defense soldiers battle resin to protect each house, the land of the capital. (Photo: Materials VNA) Ban Basic Culture (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) launched a competition for propaganda for propaganda to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Nationwide Resistance (December 19, 1946- December 19, 2021). Time to receive contest works from now until the end of August 31, 2021. The organizers will proceed with the selected and award for quality works

. The opinion and the organizers are expected to give 1 first prize worth VND 15 million; 2 second prizes, each price of 8 million VND; 3 third prizes, 5 million VND and 10 consolation prizes, each 2 million VND for excellent authors and works. The Organizing Committee also expects to award a prize of 8 million dong to the mobilization unit with many authors, many good quality works participating in the contest and awarded and awarded scheduled In December 2021. According to regulations, the competition for professional or non-specialized artists, Vietnamese citizens and overseas Vietnamese
Each author can send one or more works participating in the contest. Exam works are composing recently, unprecedented in other competitions, not yet popular in any form Come on to receive contest works according to 02 forms: via email (email) on address: and send directly (or by post) by address: control Reason for advertising and propaganda activities, basic cultural departments - No. 86A, Le Van Hien 3, Ward Ngo Thi Nham, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi city. 75 years of nationwide resistance to propagate deeply throughout the Party, all people and the entire army of patriotic traditions, glorious history, independent independent will, gas strengthen of our people in resistance The fight against foreign invaders. Through it, confirming the policy of launching the nationwide resistance is the right decision of the Party and President Ho Chi Minh; contributing to strengthening and appropriating the people's confidence in the Party and leadership of the Party. The exam also once again affirmed the viewpoint and line of the Party and the State on building and defending the Fatherland in the new period; Improve the vigilance, proactively struggle to fail the anti-destructive plot of hostile forces, strengthen national defense, security, solid protection of the socialist Vietnam Socialist, implementing the resolution victory Congress XIII Party ./. Phuong Lan (VNA / Vietnam)

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