Lava Shot On The Sky On La Palma Island, A Toxic Ash Layer Covering The Residential Area

Red-hot lava rays shot up the sky on La Palma island of Spain on Thursday morning (September 23) when malicious dust from Cumbre Vieja has covered the surrounding area. Currently the government is still looking for a shelter for thousands of people who are forced to run out of this area.Dung Nham and smoke rise after the volcanic erupts in Los Llanos de Aridane, on Canary Island of La Palma , Spain, September 22, 2021. (Images taken by unmanned aircraft / Reuters) On Thursday, the lava flows down the volcanic slopes to submerge houses, schools and bananas , Although slower than the previous days.Nancy Ferreiro, the owner of a local jewelry business, said: "Everything starts on Sunday

. It was like something unusual, something beautiful to watch and became a tragedy the next day. " "I have many friends there, families have lost everything. And our heart is painful
" The black lava walls have moved to the west since Sunday, burning everything on the way Our farmers at the banana plantations near Todoque town have raced over to harvest as much as possible crops, piled up the green banana sacks on their trucks. More than 200 houses destroyed and Thousands of people cannot return home, the regional government of the Canary Islands said they will buy two housing areas with a total of 73 real estate for homeless people. Spanish banks also announced that they will provide empty houses as an emergency shelter. A house with the ground covered ash is seen after the volcanic erupts in Todoque, on Canary Island La Palma, Spain. (Photo: Reuters) According to the estimated Idealista property portal so far, the volcano has destroyed a value of about 87 million euros (102 million USD). The volcanic researchers said gas from the spray The movement is not harmful to health. However, a thick cloud lasts about 4.2 km (2.6 miles) to the air, causing concerns about the vision for flights. The airport is still open, but the authorities have asked the pilots away from the eruption area
OTHER AREA, the European Union's Copernicus atmosphere monitoring service said the winds were expected to push Cloud to the east in the coming hours, spread to the rest of the Canary Islands, Iberia and Mediterranean Peninsula. Local authorities have warned people to clean up food and clothing to avoid eating ash toxic ./. (Reuters)

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