Le Duong Bao Lam ‘turned Around’ With His Wife On The Livestream Wave

Le Duong Bao Lam suddenly has a 'Word of Look back' with the commune in Livestream, how does it cost? 0: 00/1: 25 Southern life of the marriage life of Le Duong Bao Lam and Quynh Quynh always attracting interest From the network community. On the Personal Facebook page, the comedy actress regularly publishes the moment of "drowning" Ms. Xa.moi, in a Livestream, Le Duong Bao Lam suddenly "turned on each other" with Quynh Quynh. Accordingly, he and Mrs

. Xa was preparing gifts to gave birth to difficult circumstances in the episodes. Because "Duong Lam Dong Nai" has a slightly slow and clumsy pack of package, it is scolded by Mrs. Xa
Husband Le Duong Bao Lam has a verbal word on the Livestream Wave.Le Duong Bao Lam replies: "difficult too, it's hard to do it yourself. " After that, the coal curtains relative: "Bored, you, the husband doesn't have a home to do it at home so his wife scolded". However, it was sorry to find out that it was just a "troll" Between the couple. Duong Lam said: "My couple argues so, but loves each other. There is a spouse like my house without you" is a comedian, Le Duong Bao Lam is also set by the audience "Mr. Hoang Livestream". Online sales are one of the jobs that bring better income for him. On the Personal Personal Person, Duong Lam couple regularly posted the image of charity, helping disadvantages. Family comedian Le Duong Bao Lam regularly charity, helping difficult circumstances
Before that , Quynh Quynh shared many scanners to support shrimp noodles, rice, ... for people with difficult circumstances during the disease season. She posted the image of sitting with her child, behind, the containers were about to be relief. "Love love. Send it to the difficulty of this episodes", Quynh Quynh notes.

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