Le Duyen Reposted Old Photos With Swimwear, The Current Curve Was Not Inferior

Posted old photos on a moment trip in front of the translation, Le Quyen caused people to be jealous when showing off the perfect shape, US maturity, etc.: 00/47: 38 Translations, causing many Vietnamese beauties to be "pigwidth" Entering, gaining weight, gaining it clearly, but Le Quyen was a different case, recently, the female singer shared on the old photo page, was taken in a previous trip. With a one-piece swimwear, the singer showing off the fascinating physique, the standard curve adjusted, not revealing the excess fat. Strangely clown when Le Quyen owns the curve of the curve as a regular man, eating and drinking learn. Living with Lam Bao Chau, every day she was "a young love" instructions on how to practice to hold a shape

. At home, take care of hardship, dining science to preserve the body toned . Spacing time, Le Quyen regularly wearing exercises, Bratop shows off the physique. There are many pictures that have a positive opinion but must recognize, the shape of the female singer is not just a medium form!

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