Le Hoang, Hua Dat Discusses The Men

While Le Hoang blamed the fact that men were borne by women, Hua Dat was also controversial to assume that the majority of the men lived in rural areas.0: 00/1: 56 South Vietnam The program has an appointment at 22 hours will be broadcast at July 7th of October 9 with the participation of the familiar "Ministry of 3 gentlemen" including: Le Hoang, Hua Minh Dat and Quang Tuan. With the theme "What definitions of the Chief?" . However, the actor said he only imposed on the problem of cultural behavior because he was less old, so sometimes not knowing, or asking for adults and imposition is good for children. Hoang said the tremendous cause of the principal comes from the weight of the female contemporaries from ancient times until now and the leader is man

. "Family with her patriarch almost has a 'lord' in the house. The rice also had to follow him, he slept, everyone could not make a noise, "male director said another, Le Hoang said that the man could be the same if there was a real" strength " , and the woman, they are willing to relyble, depending on that man. said: "Tran Thanh said a sentence on television is 'I'm beautiful, everything else let me worry
' It was a principal but the listeners did not see it because he was so good and too rich. Ironically is a lot of careers who can't do anything, money doesn't do it, handsome nor have it. At that time, the chief came from inferiority, fearing that I couldn't do anything with my wife and I had to impose a fear of my wife. That's new 'upside ". With Le Hoang, the accession attached to poverty, backward and evil will become the family's tragedy but the main reason is that the woman is too humiliated and not success. Actors Quang Tuan said that the reason for men often had a chief because they were born on themselves on their burden to worry about rice, coat, rice, money to take care of his wife and children so they found themselves It's like that.

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