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Le Hoang mentioned, Tran Thanh spoke a sentence on television is' I'm beautiful, everything else keeps me Lo'.0: 00/2: 53 Nam in the program in this 7-hour appointment, Le Hoang, Hua Minh Dat and Quang Tuan have discussed the topic "how to define what is the chief?" And right in the three men have seen a lot of controversy around this issue. Family actor is No. 1 Quang Tuan said that the men are very domineering and like others to do their will Does the enemy like it or not. Hua Minh Dat also analyzed that, the word "family" means family, "chief" is the head of the family

. 2 means that the "chief" is the head of the family and all words, all opinions, every family's actions must listen to their disposal.Le Hoang, Hua Minh Dat and Quang Tuan argues about the chief. The Minh Dat Shared He is also a patriarch for children
However, the actor said he only imposed on the cultural issue of behavior because she was less old, so sometimes not knowing, or asking for adults and imposition is good for children. More: "In terms of thinking or hobbies, I will not force you to do it. Examples of acting as an actor but do not force children to go to the film studio or shared with three. The children have their otherwise, as the brother is very loving about foreign languages, and the child is very beautiful. " Hearing that, Quang Tuan seemed pleased and compliments a very psychological and modern father. The Minh reached "revealed" he was the patriarch, likes to impose children.Nam actor "Family is Number 1 "said that men often belong to the previous generations because now young people have thought" advanced "more. Also promised to suggest that most people in the countryside live, that way of life is transmitted from one life to another as a tradition. He is also controversial when the leaders are mostly in Rural. However, Le Hoang said the profound cause of her principal comes from weighting female contemporaries from ancient times until now and the default men are men
"Family with her patriarch almost has a 'lord' in the house. The rice also had to follow him, he slept, but everyone could not make a noise ", the male director said that the Hoang said that the Chief Chief But Women accept because it was too good and too rich. , Le Hoang said that the man could grow if there was a real "power", and the woman, they were willing to relyble, depending on that man. He said: "Tran Thanh has a statement on the television, 'I'm beautiful, everything else let me worry about'. It was a chief sentence but the listeners did not see the oxidation because he was too good and too rich. The tissue is a lot of professionals who can't go anything, money does not leave, handsome nor have it. At that time, the chief came from inferiority, fearing that I couldn't do anything with my wife and I had to impose a fear of my wife. That's the new 'upside "." I said, "I'm beautiful, everything else let me worry about" Tran Thanh's directed by Nam Director. With Le Hoang, the accession attached to poverty, Lac Hau and evils will become a family's tragedy that the main reason is that the woman is too humiliated and unsuccessful. Actors Quang Tuan said that the reason for men often had a chief because they were born on themselves on their burden to worry about rice, coat, rice, money to take care of his wife and children so they found themselves It's like that. Huang said that the chief leads to the tragedy because women must die too much. The commune of Lam Vy Da continues to think that the patriarchy also has itself and what is it Catching the family to "connect karma" of the family. Finished, the views of Hua Minh reached immediately was opposed by Le Hoang and Quang Tuan.Ne

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