Le Hoang: Women Have To Trade Many Things When Being A Wife And Mother

As a husband, father, director Le Hoang understood the difficulty, strenuousness and the great sacrifice of a wife, mother.0: 00/2: 37 South Southern State on the topic "Men think What about postpartum women? " In the show with an appointment at 22 o'clock, the "new" father "- actor Quang Tuan said that his woman after giving birth is often emotional, the body gains weight and suffers from hair loss. If taking a 10-point scale to evaluate the beauty of the wife before and after birth, the family actor is No. 1 that after his wife only has 8 points. Hearing that, director Le Hoang said that if after birth that his wife is still at 8 points, the beauty is only slightly reduced slightly, not significantly

. Sympathetic with the junior, Hua Minh Dat also shares the first time When Ms. Lam Vy Da was very pregnant or thought of miscellaneous and could not control his feelings. According to him, because at home for too long makes the commune to produce negative thoughts, criticizing the fat, bad and or suspecting the husband to neglect his wife and children to hang out with another girl or not
"There was once impressed with me especially when I was the first baby, I was sleeping at the time when I was sleeping and looking at my face. I dreamed that he went with that small clarity. Not my own dreams, I have a real dream of '. She also thought of after giving birth to my child at home to take care of her, looked up and stabbed from this, feared, "Hua Minh reached. The fact that he "daughter" ... in a dream. Also a husband, father, director Le Hoang understood the difficulty, hard and the sacrifice of a wife and mother. Nam director expressed: "Birth child, raising children is an extremely heavy job
Women they will have to exchange beauty, health, psychology and social status because many people after birth will not work anymore. At home with a child to know how terrible houses are ". He also said that women suddenly lost their important things that made them more vulnerable to the postpartum depression.Le Hoang said in the old days when his wife was born, there was no breast milk for me so Mixed milk apart from a newborn child, the time to drink milk is extremely erratic. "I woke up the milk and shook, measuring the milk temperature of all kinds because hot milk was too cold, but I would drink abdominal pain. Waiting for my child to get a milk, go to wash the bottle, do it until I'm done, but I'm exhausted but haven't just came back to your child. It can be said that all night don't sleep. And the husbands who told their wives: 'She only has a job at home to take care of me', they don't know anything. Many people said the husband and wife life only began when the baby was born ".Le Hoang understood the hards that women after giving birth to their children must go through. That space made him extremely pressure. Because I want my wife to sleep a little more so the actor has accepted to take care of children and for several days to stay in the morning, the sky shines, causing the body to get tired to the steps of walking "loan", no more than live.

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