Le Quang Liem Player Increased By 32 Steps On The World Rankings

Great performance at Saint Louis 2021 International Chess tournament has just ended in the US to help the No. 1 in Vietnam Le Quang Liem Dat Elo 2,774, jumps 32 steps to 12th grade flags in the world.02: 00/1: 20 nam nam nam, Thu Le Quang Liem (right) competition at Saint Louis 2021 International Chess Tournament. (Photo: Grand Chess Tour) .The world chess rankings are updated on https: // 2700CHESS

.COM, Ranking of Vietnam's No. 1 Period Le Quang Liem has increased by 32 steps, from the 44th world to 12th world in the world in the content of the flash. Excellent performance in 18 flashes International Chess Saint Louis 2021 with 9 winning boards, 5 Planks, 4 loses help Le Quang Liem from the end of the final goal of 5 finals
Quang Liem's lighting flag score loses Nakamura (USA), who won the championship title. Nakamura Hoa Quang Liem in the last game, won the championship, but it was this draw made him lose the No. 1 in the world flash of Carlsen (Norway). Le Quang Liem used to create a milestone in his career with the title of champion World flashing flags in 2013. In Fast Flag, Quang Liem ranked 32 while the British Standard Flag increased by 2 steps, to 30 in the world. Currently, Ho Chi Minh City's player lives in the United States, as a chess head coach of Webster University - where he studied financial industry. Tan Ha

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