Le Quyen Was Entitled To Praise The Praise When He Practiced His Waist To Hold The Waist 59, 3 90cm

Being praised by the child's love of the words, the excitless of the excitement <: 00/1: 10nam northern, the Northern region is probably the hard-working female star for the most shouting Vietnamese showbiz. During staying at home for stretching the social way, "Queen of Tea" steadily shares the exercise images on the personal page as well as uploading articles to call people so often practicing for power Healthy and flexible body. To keep the form of shape, Le Quyen is very hardworking for training. Newly, she continues to post a clip to make movements to help keep her shape and help the slim waist at home during the season Translate. "Equipment and abdominal exercises Bao Bao breathless but very effective

. My love, today donate 10 post belly as promised. Each lesson 45s, after every post 15s. 30p
Come on, my sister. Quyen is not skinny, Hihi, hard for a slender slender person with a waist 59 but V3 is still 90 as usual, "Le Quyen is written. Share the exercises holding shape on my personal page. It is notice that Le Quyen also makes the sisters extremely admired when showing off the measurement of the second round of 59cm and the 3rd round is 90cm. After posting, clip workout of Le Qu Yen has quickly received a lot of love with the comment with the commentary to praise from the audience of fans and people. However, the most attention is the comment of Lam Bao Chau under Le Quyen's post. Accordingly, the young love of the female singer has spent praise and commenting Le Quyen: "Cham of the house". Repeat the praise of the lover, Le Quyen extremely excited, she not only called "love" he is "Babies" but also with the symbol of "heart drop" symbol. Only practice to keep their shape at home, Le Quyen gets love for the praise. Interactions of Le Quyen and Lam Bao Chau make people love Because of the cute too cute
Not just a lover that Lam Bao Chau is also a companion with Le Quyen during each practitioner. Besides the sorrowful "monitoring" of his boyfriend, Le Quyen a lot of time or "Sea Leang" Because she was too tired but she was all trying to work hard.

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