Leadership Art Of World Exhaustion

'Leadership' is the second book of David M. Rubenstein, co-founder of Carlyle Group, the most successful and largest private capital investment company in the world. He is also a famous leader of The program called "The David Rubenstein Show" on Bloomberg TV and PBS. In the book "Leadership Art", the author Rubenstein selected and gathered his interviews, direct chat with 30 houses Leaders are the CEOs, founders and people who change the world's greatest game like: Bill Gates, Mellina Gates, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook .

.. with inspiring goals and provide readers Instructions and successes of the successful leaders of this contemporary leaders. In each interview, he always tries to ask the interviewee about how they have become and are a leader like that any
13 qualities often seen that in an outstanding leader are summarized at the beginning of the book, it is a pride suggestion for those who want to follow this path. Not only that, the author also mentioned the development of leadership skills at different stages of life. He and his life could generally be divided into 3 stages. The first stage is to receive education or training for a future career. The second stage focuses on building a career, perfecting the skills and rising to a high level or a position that requires responsibility and leadership skills. The third stage involves getting the benefits - finance, psychology, recognition of the public - from achievements in the second stage. Thang in the first phase of life It is very interesting, but often the winners in that period do not become leaders as predicted at first. Leadership in the second and third stage of life may be more meaningful and sustainable for individuals and society. And so that an individual can become a successful leader in the second, third stage of life, that individual needs to have enough motivation, ambitions, essential strength. Although the leader is the owner The center of the book, but interviews also reveal interesting circumstances about the life experience, the lives of each interviewed leader
For example, Oprah's name is the result of writing misspelling "Orpah" on the first day she goes to school. Before "Amazon", Jeff Bezos named his company "Cadabra", as in the spell "Abracadabra". However, when I heard the lawyer asked again: "Cadaver? Is that corpse or not? " Jeff Bezos decided to change his company's name. And finally he chose Amazon as everyone saw. In the interview with World Famous Bill and Melinda Gates couples, besides the leadership tips, readers are also more interestingly related to dating and couple's life before . This is also the specific characteristics of the book, when the author has the privilege of approaching, direct, straightforward and sincere chat with the world's leading leaders.

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