Leaking Sample Information Hyundai I20 N Line For Only 400 Million Vnd

Leakage parameters, the starting price of the variations of Hyundai i20 N Line for only about VND 400 million in the Indian market.0: 00/2: 15 NAM NORTHTRARY AUTOCAR INDIA has just reported, Hyundai has the main Confirmation of the N Line vehicle for the Indian market and the first N Line brand in India will be I20 N Line. Accordingly, some detailed information about the engine, gearbox and variations of Hyundai i20 N Line are also leaked. According to Autocar India, I20 N Line will be available in three variants in India including N6 IMT, N8 IMT and N8 DCT. In particular, the N6 variant will be based on the Sportz style of the high-end hatchback while the N8 variant will be based on ASTA and ASTA (O) style

. With a price of about VND 400 million, Hyundai i20 N Line will not have for Player in the Indian market. Photo: Autocar India is known that the I20 N LINE version of the Indian version will be powered by three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine 120 horsepower, 172nm, 1.0 liters, three cylinders
The actuator options will include an IMT 6-level gearbox and DCT 7 gearbox. Make the transmission system configuration unchanged compared to the standard i20, but it will come with exhaust system settings and More sports suspension. That said, this version Hyundai does not provide the floor gearbox with a turbocharged gasoline engine. On the exterior, N Line is basically more sporty than standard models. Similarly, i20 n Line will have some decorative details from the inside out to bring it a more sporty look. Cars have more sporting bumper with deep fog lights, grille that looks deeply Sports with checkered flags, supplementing the front and side shields, behind the sportier with a prominent rear diffuser. Attached is a double exhaust, larger and more colorful wheels, depending on the edition. About the interior, I20 n Line will have a striking N badge and cross-stitched stitches throughout the sports chair, The steering wheel sets separately, metal pedals and knobs N.Whi brand wrappers are launched, I20 N Line will be a model with a new specifications in the I20 line. Currently, the price initiated at Rs 11
40 Rs Lakh (about VND 350 million) for the ASTA variant (O) Turbo-DCT, it is expected that the version is expected to add a cost of about 1-1.5 Lakh Rs (30- 46 million dong). With a price of only about VND 400 million, Hyundai i20 N Line will not have any live competitors in India.Thy Nhung

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