Learn Beauty By Beauty Blogger But Forever Ineffectively, Because I Don’t Know These Tips

From small tips on how to create hair styles, skin care, to how to make lips thicker and reduce acne speeds ... All all helps you is always ready to deal with every situation where happens. / 2: 02 nam1

. Gentle, simple makeup on hot humid days. Especially do not broach Mascara to draw eyes too bold, it's prone to lem and flow out when hot weather2. Use residual creams when applying to face to nail
Your skin and nails will be stronger and strong. A good perfume is the right type and co-tune with where you go. Do not spray perfume to go to date or go to the party to go to the office, avoid inhibiting the colleagues. Hairsting hard in the harsh season to help dye hair without fading, dull color.4. Balance light on the face when makeup. If you are filling a sparkling eye shadow, choose lipstick. Don't let the whole face catch the glossy will be less and less. Use your finger to comb your curls to make your hair look more natural than Comvention. When using lipstick, light color, hit a glittering lip gloss layer in the middle of the lips, above and below
This will attract light into your lips, making them look more enrolled in.7. To make your cheekbones look higher, use the Bronzer under the cheekbones and highlighter on the cheekbones. The cream lined before makeup and made a makeup when he came home.8. On the shortage of sleep or you rub out too hard to make your eyes red. Use white eyeliner to the eyeliner will help your eyes less red. In order to have more plump lips, bord the lips lips for a bit and apply some cream to the skin color to blur the boundary, the lips will be more true. Add some drops of salt solution to the mascara tube to pull Long life for this beauty product.10. The reason for mascara or hardened and hardened on Mi is because it is open and dry. Nortate Mi before sharpening Mascara to keep Mi moisture. And add 2 - 3 drops of salt solution into mascara tubes to extend the life of this beauty product.11. Don't forget the feet can also be sunburned. Apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF index of 50 when you bring wire clogs, sandals to Road 12. Sunscreen is said to be able to protect all day and water resistance. But don't believe completely on that. Reapply all kinds of sunscreen at least 2 - 3 hours to the effectiveness of its best.

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