Learn How To Make A Sausage From Extremely Delicious Frozen Meat, Since The First Time

Beeping to make silk sausages with frozen meat without welding, safe for children to be shared by Tran Thi Huyen (Binh Duong), causing many sisters to test in: 00/2: 18nam northern bare Huyen is present in Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong. Her work is home to housewife, take care of 2 children. In love to cook so she is very picky when choosing, processing food for family members. Huyen said that the silk sausage is loves to eat but she is not safe Silk rolls are available in the market. So, before sometimes she had to wake up from 4am to buy hot meat to get a baby to eat

. But now in the season, to buy hot meat is very difficult. "Available in the fridge with meat, I took out a successful trial of everyone" - Mothers to share. Everyone can refer to the formula as a sausage Ms
Tran Huyen's silk rolls are both fast and simple and no longer have to worry about welding or chemicals. Does the material - 550gr thigh meat (meat with little new fat, 60-70 gr grease ) .- 15gr Fish sauce (using a 40-degree fish sauce) .- 4gr seasoning seeds.- 12-15gr Street. - Pepper-12gr corn powder (flour) .- 4GR baking powder (powder hatching) .- 30gr ice Cold.- Blender with meat mill to do - My flesh is to buy and remove the stone compartment so when I took out to do it, I defeated by removing the cooling overnight to lie up (if you buy meat In addition to the market, they rinse them and grind themselves). After removing the 2-hour rock compartment, hard meat grabbed the cutter
- Meat after defrosting the meat and hasting hard but cutting) cut small pieces All spices are grinded. You divided into 3 millions per grinder 20 seconds. Ground 1 minute 30 seconds. If it is a ground meat, you give spices to squeeze evenly. Thin meat to remove the cabinet. - Done using a zip bag or plastic bag Seamless meat is thin and then let the stone compartment 2h.- After 2 hours take it into the grinder, divided into 3 grinds, each grinding from 1p - 1p30. Grinding long flesh will be bowed. In the process of grinding which part has not done you so you should remove the refrigerator. If the machine is weak, the grind is not smooth, continue to remove the 30p-1h rock compartment and then grind it again. Package. Come on, keep the stone part and continue to take the remaining meat out to grind. - Finally proceed with the package, steam or grilled arbitrarily. If you make cinnamon, when grinding 2-3 garlic cloves and 1 powder cinnamon. Grind the steady friends to the tray, sweep on the face of 1 layer of oil and then bake 170 degrees 15-20p depending on the thick or thin. * Note: - In the process of doing, the meat must always be cold, if you feel less Cold to remove the freezer, after cold enough to continue. - When steaming the water sausage must be boiled, the package is steamed. If you haven't prepared boiling water, remove the sausage into the stone compartment .- Grill too, I should heat the oven before 5 minutes. People succeed!

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