Learn How To Survive In All The Harshest Circumstances

Life is difficult, so we have to be mindful and persistent to continue to continue, despite falling in the middle of the area: 00/3: 35 severe southern men, the cactus still lives. Photo Internet1. Doesn't matter how many mistakes, don't matter how slow you know. You still win those who never know 2 words: "try" 2. Forgiveness is the best way to balance the current life

. When you learn how to forgive and ignore what belongs to the past, you will recognize one thing: what you need to do is transfer this relationship to another more appropriate person. Don't ever hate people or envy with you. Be respectful of those envisages, because those people are people who think you are better than them
The biggest happiness is simply the current moment, you are really satisfied with what you are. Despite hard, difficult, we know the lovers and loves, then happiness will smile with TA.5. There is no friend who can be more healthy. There are no more scary enemies than illnesses. Instead of suffering, gnawing the pain caused by illness, stand up to mobilize to life more colors.6. What is deducted from disease. Nothing can be, except without money. Whatever lacks, subtracting lack of health
Health is not all but no health will have nothing. There are 3 things to forget: Forgotten age, forgotten the past and forgot to be resentful. There are 4 things to have: Regardless of why do you strongly need to have a real lover, have friends tri Century, has a career growing every day, with warm roofs filled with love8. There are 6 things that should not be: not to eat hungry, do not be thirsty to drink, do not sleep and sleep, do not take tired to break, do not have a new illness, should not be old and regret 9. Success is not the end to the end, failure is not the depths. It is just a driving force for you to be more stable on the way about to step 5.10. The only difference between a nice day and a bad day is in your own attitude. When life puts you into the way, don't ask "Why is me?" But let's say "Just try me" 11. Don't ever deliver your secret to anyone because you can't keep it yourself, then look forward to anyone? 12. Like wildflowers, learn how to survive in all the harshest circumstances, even if people think that you cannot.13. When you want to find a person who changes your life, look at the mirror.14. Never let others' actions affect your nice personality. If others respect you, respect them. If they don't respect you, still respect them. Because you are, you are not someone else.15. The vast ocean will not be able to submerge a ship if the water does not inside it. Similarly, the difficulties will not be able to knock on you, if you don't allow them to do that 16. Life only one. So do what makes you happy and someone who makes you smile. If you expect the person who will be kind to you just because you are kind to them, it's like you expect a lion that doesn't eat your flesh just because I don't eat it. Life is inherently unfair, learn how to adapt! 18. If others say bad friends, judge you even though they don't know anything about you. Don't be sad, remember 1 thing: Barking dogs when meeting strangers! 19. Anxiety does not make bad things discontinue. But it only makes good things stop ... 20. Don't try to turn tears into a calm smile. Which should know: this body, this mind is not a.21. The durability of passion is proportional to the initial resistance of the mind of judgment. "Bodhi's mind is solid" proportional to the "spiritual experience", not with knowledge through books. BBT (Collectibles)

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