Learn How To Wash Your Face Properly When Your Skin Is Acne

If your skin is being acne, please absolutely comply with the principle of washing the following facial cleansing (00/1: 37 namouwiches for the cleanser with the skin of the acne should pay attention to wash the face properly to not hurt the skin. Photo: Internet pH in face cleansing is very important to your skin. Do not choose the form of soap cleanser for acne skin, as it will break the pH balance system and the skin on the skin, causing the skin to dry too and also easier to the pimples. The component containing clay is a good suggestion It is possible to remove greasy smoothly and remove the best dirt for the acne skin. Select the Foam Cleanser formula (Foam Cleanser), the foam layer activity sufficiently in the mild massage movement will eliminate lubricants Excess at sufficient stability, clean the safest skin

. Instructions on how to wash your face for acne skin 1: First, you wash your hands clean with the bactericidal soap. Then use warm water to wash the face to stretch the pores, the dirt is easily removed. Scewater 2: Give a sufficient amount of cleanser sufficient between the palm and use the remaining hand to rub it, foaming
Next, use foam cleanser through the face. Prevention of the face 3: Massage gently from the inside and orient the pores. Perform about 1-2 minutes and do longer in the T region because this area secretes the most sebums. Sce-step 4: Finally, you rinse with cool water. After the front wash 1 minute you should use the moisturizer or acne treatment cream, this is the best time for nourishing nourishing, maximizing the use of care and treatment. Should use a towel to dry the rough face, assembly will make the skin stimulated easily produce wrinkles and produce bacteria. Therefore, after washing the face, it is necessary to use paper or cotton to dry, so it doesn't hurt the skin, especially when the skin grows acne so it is difficult to use the paper, then the bacteria will be difficult to invade Harming skin. According to Lang / Consumer

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