Learn Miss H’hen To Treat Blackheads From ‘cheap’ Materials Outside The Market

In the summer, the worries of blackheads in nose are not their own nose. As the most simple Miss Vietnam, H'Hen shares she only uses the ingredients available in the kitchen to 'Process' into a successful blackhead acne treatment with an extremely efficient blackhead instance instance: 00/1: 32 nam Like writing other Vietnamese girls, H'Hen loved her skin care and she also encountered a lot of tiny blackheads. Fortunately, H'Hen possesses a fairly smooth skin, without many shortcomings, so care should not cost too much effort, time. Recently, she tined the way of treating blackheads from the raw material "in the kitchen" that was safe for the skin, it was extremely effective again. The face of the face of the skin with little weakness of her

. Premium brands, expensive "Methods" This Miss Miss blackhead only has only: lemon and honey. This is a simple way and is no stranger to many natural beauty believers. Lemon contains vitamins and acids, lemon quickly eliminates the old horny cells, reduces greasy and tighten pores
In lemon fruit containing AHAs helps prevent bacteria to penetrate and form on the skin, citric acid helps collect Small pores, prevent acne grow again. In addition, vitamin C and natural oil helps gently remove dead cells, clean sebum and prevent infections causing infections, calcium and potassium to support care and soften skin. Add honey with properties Antioxidant, antibacterial should be able to remove blackheads, which helps the skin evenly color and smooth up to see. Lemon fuel contains acids, easy to cause wornness and make it easy to catch the skin. So only this way should be applied up to 3 times a week and should do in the evening to both effectively protect the skin under the impact of sunshine.

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