Learn Online: Mother Also Re-school The First Class

Then the teacher lectured for the children, the parent was sitting edge, she enlights the parent ... 0: 00/3: 03 Nou southern lead from a young mother's charcoal name Thuy: " Now I go to school for a class? ". The status line is quite a lot of excited "Haha"

. Besides the commentators asked: "Do you go to the big college?" There are also the comment lines of suffering, comments, to laugh at the tears. The big boy of the lobe now in the first grade, it is a brother's boy and .
. very much. Normally, but just on the desk is that you are not hungry, all hungry are sad to the toilet, bored of going to the toilet is sleepy, out of sleepiness ... Today teacher The shirt was not beautiful. The mildment of the day he looked at her and looked at her and was in her innocence: "Mother beaten lighter than the teacher" causing her luck. As soon as you can listen to the teacher to teach me again, you don't like the spring, how much can I listen to my neighbor, my son now , Of course online class. Normally he woke up quite soon, but since attended school, he suddenly .
. kept sleeping. Every morning she must have "died" like pulling the new cannon pulling his son out of bed. The first day, when the teacher score, Ms. Ngoc Mao ceders the baby, then suddenly heard him burst into tears. You cried so much that the teacher had to stop asking, he was warm: "You don't call your name!" "What is your name?" "Pumpkin name!" Hearing the boy saying that the whole Ms. Ngoc and the teacher smoked but tried to compress. Teacher asked: "The name Tran Tuan Khai is right?", The boy still insisted. The teacher said earlier named the name of the list, saw the name of the grandchildren who entered the classroom but called several times not to answer. The boy from the boy just heard one call himself pumpkin, Ms. Ngoc mentioned the school's name I, but the boy ... forget.anh Tuan downstairs also joined: "Your child's teacher has long asked: 'Does the parent understand?'. I'm a child to study, or go to school Do you? " His comment sentence received a few dozen symbols "Haha" .That teaching the teacher to the kids, the parent is sitting next to it, she enlights the parent for the parent to be accompanied by the parent. The way to meet the other mothers: "The old days I studied o round like a chicken egg, umbrella, the hippers are even more bearded. Skewered, I heard it was stunned. So when I was studying, I was a book, my mother also a book, 'two kids' together ". When the teacher reads the bar, the children also turned to remind:" Mom read away ! ". My daughter was called the teacher called a very interesting study. Ms. Funny: "It's not skillful at the time of the year, I have to save my hometown. Old ". My daughter Night sleeplessly, spelled 'Flag A Fish Sac'. Looking forward to the fact that I can go to school to meet your friends." It's very bad, but most parents Want to close. Someone also said that the city was in a way, parents at home in the house, but their parents went to work out, I stayed at home alone, I didn't know how to learn stars. I don't have anything I took my hand ... "As the text of Pure Pure, the children still have maids, parents sit with their children to learn the first articles ... according to www.phunuonline.com.vn

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