Leave A Trophy, Gay Championship

Futsal tournament - the National Cup has been canceled for the epidemic situation, athlete - HDBank Cup 2021 There is only one goal to find the champion ... 0:00 / 1: 15Nam Southern match 17, ie Lastness of the Futsal-HDBank Cup 2021 tournament has ended, Thai Son Nam and Sakako teams still chase fiercely. The last match will be champion champion

. In that time Translation Covid-19 complicated developments and to prevent new variations of Omicron, the National Cup (plan also took place at Thai Son Nam NTD) Cancel.Sahako (Green) defeated Thai Son North 4-0 and a fiercely clutching Thai Son Nam. Photo: Vovsau 17 plays, the quintess champion Thai Son Nam has 46 points, while the runner-up last year, Sahako chased fiercely behind with 45 points
Saigon has let go of the race from 15 When their current scores are only 35 points, but this team has firmly grasped the HCD because the currently ranked team is now Sanvinest Khanh Hoa only 27 points. in turn 17, Sahako Thang Thai Son Bac 4-0, Thai Son Nam beat Hieu Hoa Da Nang 5-1, Zetbit Saigon lost to Sanvinest Khanh Hoa 5-7, Cao Bang Thang Hung Gia Khang Dak Lak 3-0, Quang Nam lost to Tan Hiep Hung 0-5. The last match (18), the encounter between Thai Son Nam and Sahako means the final match. The quintessing champion Thai Son Nam only needs to be successful to protect the championship.

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