Leave Or Stay

Nguyet sat close to the edge of the wall, the knee was pressed close to the chest, her hands hugging the pillow, heading down, tattered. Nguyet crying, the cries of my friends, hiccing once <: 00/3: 08 Young people illustrated by the selected author. His life was so miserable. How many children planters without a lot of things, just asking for a handsome and beautiful guys.When, Nguyet has just finished leveling 3, but because of a bit of beauty, he was inherently gentle, so many houses said Ask as strawberry

. Actually, Nguyet didn't think about her husband. Then he appeared, he was in another commune, 15km from Naturalist. As a trader, a rich parents, he was a few years older
Because the cotton feathers did not study, it caught up, so his parents urged him to marry his wife. Nearly no one likes, I have to find a far away. His parents bought him a new car Koong, hearing more than one billion. He kept hitting the round of play from this day after another day but knew what to do. Seeing him form, saying well sweet and improvements passionately added a rich, Nguyet thought she would be happy. Receive admission notice, but she decided not to attend college but at home to married her husband. Wedding takes place quickly. Nguyet is proud with friends. But three years ago, Nguyet still had no good news. My parents spoiled her but then impatient
They built for her husband and couple a spacious three-storey house and told her her husband to stay separately, luckily in the case of a man who had a man's guy. From the day to work separately, Nguyet to look at the sorghum with her husband's parents. And he, did nothing but gathered with some friends, playing, drinking and gambling. It was night, near the morning he was with groping home. Sometimes, he was so drunk, she had to have a lot of hardness to go to bed. More uncomfortable is that he is always the smell of woman's perfume and the smell of lipstick. After finishing, Nguyet has been hit by him for a battle because he asks for money that Nguyet does not take. Want to get out of the house - Nguyet! Where is Nguyet? Nguyet is cleaning up in the kitchen. Hearing her husband calls her "yes" and the details run up (not fast is eating) - I called me? - But who did this house let me call! - What's wrong? - Take 5 million - What are you doing? He shows up his eyes. - I do what to show you! Just shouted, he had just beat the cup of a cup of water and drank the water on the table to jerk her. Voice trembling: - I don't dare! But today's house has no money. This month, she has not yet brought it again, standing, standing, pointing to the face of the Nguyet: - This child, you should remember, when I need it, I have to have, if I don't have to chase the neck. Fear "But now I know where to take it out," he went up crazy, the book restores the Nguyet. He grabbed her hair and punched the dust bag, her eyes were now swelling, the two cheeks were swollen. Punching the stone for a while, probably tired, he left. Now only left her and bitterly. "Will I continue to live like this? Is it possible to endure whip like this? " She stood up, back in the house, stood in front of the mirror "" Is this I? Where is lovely lovely girl now? "In front of her is now a person with a completely strange comedy. She hugged her face, couldn't believe her eyes. Maybe you have to finish this full life! She thought of death !!! - Lunch dream - follow the village of the green river

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