Leave The Husband In Hai Phong To Give His Wife 600 Million After ‘overhaul’ Making ‘waves’ Netizens

Mr. Le Quoc Hoang in Hai Phong transferred to his wife 600 million dong and gave a large bouquet after welcoming the welcoming son of the first son.0: 00/3: 09 namsau when his wife was born, every husband There are different interests to not only comfort, encouragement after "overwhelmed" hard but also showed a boundless love. There are men who give flowers to his wife, give a meaningful gift or simply take care of their wives attentive from meals, sleep. Newly, netizens fluttered about the husband with a special gift Wife after "overhaul"

. The gift was so big that many women showed jealousy and desire. It was Mr. Le Quoc Hoang (living in Hai Phong City) transferred VND 600 million for his wife after his wife gave birth to his first son in a hospital in this city
In addition, Mr. Hoang also gave his wife a large bouquet of flowers. "Celebrating 2 mother and children overwhelmed successfully. Dad has a small gift for Mother Looking forward," Le Quoc Hoang wrote on Facebook. Hoang on the big bouquet gave his wife. Many netizens have rushed to the British Country Facebook to let like like, comment to the young couple and express the impression with the "terrible" gift of "husband Me ".The story with Emdep.vn, Mr. Queen said he was very happy after welcoming his first son. Both mother and baby are healthy that is unparalleled happiness
Despite being ready for psychology as a father from before, Mr. Hoang still felt the dignity of hardness when carrying his son and was born. That feeling especially because she knew how many days looked, hopefully mixed in everyone's blessing. "That gift was prepared by me before. I don't know this plan. I just want to bring it to Unexpectedly and joy for my wife. My wife was excited after receiving a special gift, "said the Kingdom said. The wife gave birth to the trendless season so only 2 spouses turned to take care of each other at the hospital. The house who must not enter should be a little harder. However, Mr. Quan Huang has attentively choosing a hospital with facilities, good care to help his wife have comfortable and peace of mind when "crossing". The 2 young spouses are young, but since the wife Pregnancy, Mr. Quốc has a close assertion, care about health, bringing his wife to antenatal care, buying nutritious foods for his wife, preparing good quality newborn items for boys. " Marriage life always needs unexpected pleasure, I also think it's a way to create a joy with the two spouses. So, I decided to give my wife such a special gift after her first son Bello, "Mr. Hoang shared. No. 600 million dong that Mr. Hoang transferred his wife. It was known, Mr. Hoang and his wife met each other through two friends. From the familiar times, 2 people talked, after 3 months of dating became a lover. While Mr. Hoang lived in Hai Phong, his wife lived in Hanoi. The distance is quite far but love and sticking has helped them overtake them all. After a year to learn, love each other, 2 people decided to go to marriage. "The marriage life is still the same day. After 2 years of life always salty, happy, the birth will be the motivation to My husband and I tried more, "Mr. Hoang shared with Emdep.vn his main job of the Kingdom is a trading on tours, airline tickets ... However, due to the impact of disease should switch Real estate sector. "While his wife was pregnant, I also found many documents about child care, pregnancy for children ... I myself didn't hesitate to take care of me, change my baby. children, any father, every mother will be responsible for, to raise, take care of and teach children, "Mr. Hoang expressed.

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