Leaving A Tiny Paper Scrap On The Rented Floor, Female Students Lose 6 Million Deposit

When moving away from the rented house, a female student in the UK was asked to return the house so clean. Then, the landlord said she didn't do the right requirements, because the house was not completely clean when there was still a scrap on the floor. For this reason, certain homeowners do not return more than 6 million dongs of deposit, making the pressing student to 'prosecuted' on social networks.02: 00/2: 30 Nam Nam has many mistakes to pay Prices in cash, and in this case, misconceptions only with nails, or with beans (literally literally) also make a female student pay price by large amount.Matilda hargreaves, 20 years old, British literature majors at John Moores University (Liverpool, England), recently annoyed "element" its rental owner is "ridiculous" when not paying 210 tables (over 6

.6 million VND) Deposit rent for her. Then, a year ago, Matilda hired a house and invited 3 more friends to share the cost. Recently, she and his team moved and was asked by the landlord to return the house in a clean condition
Matilda students. Photo: North News and Pictures.Matilda and the group you cleared the rented house and then moved out, resting that the landlord will then transfer 210 original deposit tables. Submitted, then the homeowner sent a message Notice that she didn't do the right requirements, so the amount of 210 pounds will not be returned. To prove that Matilda "violates the deal", the landlord takes a picture showing that the house is not "completely clean": on the floor still a piece of paper (smaller than the nail) and in the refrigerator remains one Beans (also tiny). A lonely beans left in the refrigerator that the landlord sent to Matilda. Photo: North News and Pictures.Matilda said on social networks: "When looking at those photos, our first reaction is laughing. But then we saw that the landlord did not return the deposit just because this was ridiculous. In fact, we returned home in a much better clean state than when we moved in
At that time in the house filled with the cardboard and we had to clean up. We are shocked because of the employer's behavior ". This student concludes:" With the amount of 210 tables, I am willing to return to clean the piece of paper and beans. It doesn't take a lot of time. "Step more, a tiny piece of paper on the floor has been discovered by the landlord. Photo: North News and Pictures.Matilda said, in a year in this hire house, she and friends are very hard to learn online but WiFi is unstable, but the landlord is also ignoring. However, about the case without paying the deposit, she and his group argued with the landlord but did not lose, so it was so many people showed sympathy with Matilda and said the landlord was bad , "Bullying" the student in this epidemic period. Some people also say that this is a lesson, showing what to do so it must be careful, and so is the cleanup of the house.

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