Leaving Home For 16 Years, The Day Of Reunion Man Revealed Unexpected Reasons

Studying college, the man suddenly missing, cutting off every contact with the family. After 16 years, he appeared and revealed why many people were surprised. Wang, 39 years old, reunited with the family in Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, China on April 16 Last 11.In a video posted on Weibo (China's social network), Wang cried while pillowing pillow apologize to her parents after years of not meeting.Wang met her parents again after 16 years of communication

. Local, Wang used to be a good student in level 3 in 2001 and passed into college. However, by 2005 when not graduated from university, Wang suddenly moved from Shandong and cut off all contact with the family. Do it because he felt too embarrassed, unable to face his parents when he was Be addicted to video games and cannot graduate from college
Wang was at the University of Truong An University, one of the high-ranked universities in China. In 16 years away from home, Wang experienced many odd jobs in Xi'an to not have to declare with local government. However, when I had to go to the Xi'an government office to renew myself, government officials discovered that Wang was on the list of missing declared people and contacted his family in Shandong SHARE WITH BAILU TV, Wang said he had to manage a lot to make a living but he did not dare to return to the house because of shame. In the past 16 years, Wang's father went to Xi'an at least 2 times Every year to find a son. "Every visit, I will stay in about 1 week, to every internet cafe, looking throughout the streets in Xi'an. My couple was very miserable to lose everyone with the child". Mother Wang even "Prepare the spirit for the worst situation" and think Wang may have died: "We didn't get any news about the boy so I was worried and sad when I think about what could be happen to me. But I don't blame you. I am happy to see it again ". Although Wang's reaction can be considered to be extreme but it is not difficult to understand when the Chinese education system has long been famous for high pressure in learning, motivating people Children are successful at all costs
In 2018, the Chinese government banned the "Retrieving test" - considered the 3rd opportunity for students who examed twice - to put pressure on, forcing students to take the first attempt. The pressure must be successful that led to the trend of "straightening" in young people, the trend of young people only work at the minimum level, working enough to survive.Minh Hoa (T / H)

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