Leaving The Street To The Countryside, The Girl With The Desire To Bring Home To Specialty ‘flying’

Leaving the street on the countryside, the aspiring girl to bring the hometown of hometown "flying" simple life, peacefully doing what I like, dedicating to the homeland is what Bui Thi Giang has been doing After deciding to "leave the street to the countryside" to fulfill its dreams. "Remove the street to the countryside" Bui Thi Giang was born and raised in Van Chan district, Yen Bai province - the poor countryside of the Midlands and the region Northern Mountain. As a female student, Jiang once dreamed of going to Hanoi to set up and stabilize the work in the capital. In 2011, hold a Bachelor of Fitness University of Physical Education 1 (Tu Son, Bac Ninh) , Jiang can fulfill its dreams, find a school with a stable salary in Hanoi to work. However, she still decided to return home to do what I cherished for a long time

. Because Thi Giang decided to "leave the street to the countryside" to fulfill its dreams. "Dreams are part but later I feel like I don't suit the rhythm bucket, the timeline days and peanuts between the vast city, so they decided to return to his homeland, "said the first day of returning to his hometown, Jiang always asked himself Where will start or how will it be? At that time in her head, only three words "specialty rice". However, Jiang always wondered and wanted to find his own direction
Since then, the name of Van Chan specialty rice brand was born. The Cua was born and raised on Muong Lo Valley, the family was trading rice over 20 years so she was too familiar and experienced about rice. The rice market is easy to do and is an essential commodity but only trading rice products such as families doing it is not enough, Jiang has given effort to travel throughout villages, on highlands like Tu Le or Mu Cang Chai to find out.Giang wishes to build and develop specialty rice brands for homeland. Each crop, ethnic people in Muong Lo Valley harvest and bring rice sold to merchants The selling price is much cheaper than the market. Seeing that, Jiang began to approach and learned carefully about this kind of specialty. Convention of directions, persuaded people, entered home to guide to harvest and pay a reasonable price, help people people Clan less poverty. When she has a source of raw materials, she wondered to find output and processing. However, with experiencing rice business from family, these issues have been taken hard for gaming anywhere. At the beginning of the early days, there was no labor, capital was small, mainly expending on the import of rice so Take over all milling and packaging products with family help
"Extreme but look at the fruits of delicious white rice are sent, I am very happy" - Jiang happily remembered. "Huong forest" to the city shared, if the rice of the golden flower or normal plea By selling with 30,000 - 35,000 VND / kg, Van Chan specialty rice is only in Muong Lo Valley, this Yen Bai has a much higher price but still favored by people and looking for rice from the field Muong Lo or Van Chan specialty rice is known for moderate flexibility, delicious and rich. Guests who come to enjoy are always impressed by a characteristic and unforgettable taste. About the effort throughout villages, on highlands such as Tu Le or Mu Cang Chai to learn about rice types. Traditional climate, climate and techniques of cultivation, to get products with specialty brands of Van Chan rice must go through a very sophisticated and meticulous process. Rice is used by people to separate bundles for separation. In order to keep the deliciousness, rice is exposed to the medium sun, let the wind steam suck. "Absolutely not exposed in the sky, high temperature. Because so will make rice beads broken, irregular white, Cooking will no longer fragrant aroma. Rice is carried to milling to not break and have beautiful colors, keep delicious flavor ", share sharing. In addition to famous specialty rice, she also offers Leveling a wide range of rice and agricultural products and other types of facial care cosmetics from rice, benign and bringing cultural characteristics, drugs of ethnic people here. Create literal specialties are known for softness Moderate flexibility, delicious and boldness. After the spirit of "Van Chan specialty rice" is highly appreciated by many people in quality and thought of branding to bring new rice incense of the homeland Going further. Before, her main sources of customers are long-term customers in Yen Bai, now the neighboring province, this girl wants to bring fragrance, bringing the hometown to every domain of the team. United States. "I still hope that one day, the brand of rice specialties with her hometown and more and more known," said Bui Thi Giang.

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