Legend Lamborghini Countach Reborn: Inheriting Sian’s Technology

Lamborghini Countach is one of the most iconic models of the brand and this supercar is being reborn for the 21st century of the 21:00 am to 1: 42 Southwind details are still limited, but the Italian car company said " We make dreams into reality. We did it with Classical Countach in the 1970s. And we are doing it again. "Revealing the next supercar of Lamborghinith Banks was attached to an introduction video, highlighting heritage of Countach and provides a few complete information about the completely new model. The automobile manufacturer has also released a teaser image, showing the car beneath a paper plate

. While Lamborghini is holding the limbs Details, automotive manufacturers have launched additional introductions on their exclusive Unica app. One of them revealed that the car will be called Countach LP 800-4 and this shows the sample The car will have a system to drive all the wheels as well as a capacity of 789 horsepower. The Vehicle of Lamborghini CountachBlog supercar said this model will be based on San FKP 37 and has a 6
5L V12 engine as well as a light hybrid system. That seems feasible because Sian has a capacity of 808 horsepower a little more than Countach LP 800-4.Lamborghini has launched a new trio of GI production samples Under your upcoming Countach LPI 800-4 term. This image shows a part of the head of the car including the 'Countach' badge, an overview of the V12 engine compartment and nostalgic style suction tanks behind the passenger cabin. No other information is shared by the Italians on the new Countach, but at this point, it seems we only count the day until it is revealed. The design of Lamborghini Countachlamborghini Countach completely scheduled Will be introduced at Monterey Car Week. According to the report, the production will limit at 112 units and prices can start about 3.5 million dollars. By Son Pham, 3 hours ago

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