Legendary Son Ufc Launched ‘son Charging Island’, Ha Knock-out Opponent After 8 Seconds

During the launch of kickboxing, the hand punched Kalyl Silva made many people think of the legendary father's picture Anderson Silva with an extremely impressive finish mixture.0: 00/1: 12 south 00: 00/01: 20kalyl silva for Head with Anthony Reynaga in Battle of Kickboxing. In an attacking situation at the beginning of the match, Kalyl Silva retreated to the opponent's tape. The 22-year-old fighter then immediately launched a quick and strong 'paint island' that made Anthony Reynaga collapsed right at the 8th second and accepted lost. This is also the fastest knock-out phase of this amateur tournament history

.Kalyl Silva is now a player but is intending to move to martial arts like a famous father. Kalyl Silva's father is a former Fighter UFC Anderson Silva. The man with the nickname of 'Spider-Man' was one of the most excellent mid-range UFC boxers with a peak career from 2005 to 2013
Anderson Silva was terminated by UFC because of his older Still pursuing martial arts roads. He moved to the right to play and beat the former champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in June, shocking the whole fans. Kalyl Silva, another Anderson child, Gabriel Silva is also champion Kick Boxing male California.Manh Tung

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