Leisure Stage Was Built In The Middle Of The Covid Season

In the storm of Covid, even though the audience could not go to the theater, the stage could not brighten the lights, but the stage artists theall theall was still determined to not let the 'hibernation' stage. On July 15, in Hanoi, this socialization unit opened a new play called 'Mother's tears'. The opening session took place at NSND Le Ngoc's own house with a very limited number of guests to ensure the principle of translation prevention (00/2: 08 Southern region in the "cricket" of the stage of Le Ngoc. " Mother's tears "will be directed by Lao Vang - NSND Le Hung based on the script of author Nguyen Toan Thang.Ving the drama to exploit the topic of modern family life

. There, in the middle of the vortex of the market economy, the viewer could catch a fascinated father to make money at all costs, a mother who ledged to the weak, and the child at the age of youth because of many witnesses The hidden corner of relationships that becomes wild, breaking ..
from here, the show brings a lot of meaning of family's value, especially the message for the young generation in the new era. Youth can make mistakes but it is necessary to live, ideal that will help them know the limit to stop, contemplate, overcome difficulties to mature ... NSND Le Hung evaluated, this is a good scenario and meaning. To handle and convey multi-event content, contradictory, he will put in many stage pieces to increase attractiveness, interesting, attracting viewers, especially young people. , CEO Le Ngoc said, in the past two years, despite being severely affected by translation, Le Ngoc stage is still active. In 2020, this art unit celebrated six new plays with more than 150 performances. In 2021, Le Ngoc stage completed the set of two "crickets" and "king". In particular, "crickets" resonate with 20 continuous shows in Hanoi; And "king" after three performances that have been enthusiastic, are forced to pause because of the translation situation
"Mother's tears" are the third performance this year of theater theater theah. NSND Le Ngoc said it would set out in accordance with the advantage of the prevention of epidemics and work in small groups. Although difficulties, artists will try their best so that the controlled translation situation will have the quality of quality to serve the public in love with the stage. These are the remarkable efforts of a private stage unit Multiply to keep the craft fire in the artist, keep the stage flow continuously connected during the seasonal season.

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