Leon Houses Ho Ngoc Ha Said ’tissue’, The Netizen Laughs Missing To Truong Giang

Ho Ngoc Ha, Truong Giang makes fans 'melting' when he speaks the home of their parents since he was a tinyu.0 of the year / 2: 06 namsinh in the family with parents from coming from The areas with a typical voice, Ho Ngoc Ha, Truong Giang allocated attention when it was very small to be inherited by the country. Newest, "he was warm" Leon Ho Ngoc Ha became the focus on social networks When he was posted a lovely clip, in which he said, "Tissue" ("where") in Quang Binh's voice. When "entertainment queen" was closed in front of the mirror playing, Leon was excited to let his mother laughed. See Video: Ho Ngoc Ha was surprised when Leon said the sentence "Tissue"

. Ho Ngoc Ha is in Quang Binh, so Leon says the Central region is not difficult to understand. The son of the son, Ho Ngoc Ha has asked the netizens: "There is a last part of him said: 'Tissue Then 'right? But around him are grandmother, mother, aunt, Ms. Ha is the central people? "
Not only that, she also called her son "Sweden Bug Lai" (Quang Binh Lai Sweden). Under the video, fans fluttered before the "blurted" sentence of Lu Ngoc Ha house. Some remarkable comments on the female singer's personal page: "Quang Binh Standard 'tissue and' love too", "Funny Middle Funny Combo is wonderful Leon", "This big Leon mouth Up screaming out of fire, not gentle like Ba Kim nuoc Ha Ha "," to determine whether it is true from tissue and actually print into Leon's mind or not, let him look at his mouth when he said , Teach your baby to look like this is from the beginning of your baby. I will quickly repeat it. The son who knows before knowing it is definitely a diplomatic number 1 and then Leon. Speaking at 2 words Anything! I set up with my favorite! "... It was not 1 year old but Leon had a fan of" terrible "fans on the social network, was commented as" Saint Express "in Ho Ngoc Ha's house. He is always a focal point every time he posted a photo on the social network
Ngoc Ha Ho Ngoc Ha, Ai Fishman of Jiangshan also made the people laugh when imitating a dad to speak Quang Nam's voice. At that time, Nha Phuong posted a clip back to her husband to bathe her daughter. While two parents are playing against the water, Nha Phuong asks Destiny to have a three-handover and immediately get the answer: "Three love". However, when the actress asked about his mother, he was said: "Mother Bad, mother and lot (crap) ". The clip after posting to Facebook has received the "terrible" interaction because the way Destiny speaks in the Central region since the tinner. It is known that the word "crap" in Quang Nam's voice is the door of Truong Giang's mouth every time he joined gameshow, comedys ... most likely because they often play with their father at home, daughter Truong Giang recorded Remember. See the video: Nha Phuong daughter says Mother "Lo Lo" ("Cao Lo") in Quang Nam's voice causing many people to laugh. Currently, Ngo Phuong couple - Truong Giang is still not ready to reveal first daughter. Although posing many photos, clips about children on social networks, but both are often cleverly covering the Destiny baby face.

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