Less If The Computer Has A Problem When Stretching Into Social

E Link Gate Joint Stock Company (Ho Chi Minh City) has just introduced a technology solution that helps businesses to work smoothly even if the computer system is malfunctioning0: 00/1: 57 South ELINKKVM ELINKKVM solution Link Gate Joint Stock Company (Ho Chi Minh City) as a "virtual assistant" can support handling all remote IT incidents for businesses. ELINKKVM products can support remote IT processing, including OS error (operating system) and loss of network connection, which the Remote Desktop software cannot be done. The activity process of the ElinkKVM solution (photo The research unit provided) According to Mr. Bui Xuan Thach (Representative of E Link Gate) ELINKKVM solution has many features such as editing, reinstalling Windows; Remote connection even if the network malfunction thanks to USB 3G / WiFi integration; Connecting active VPN lines for ITs; governance; Disconnect the host computer to not transfer files out .

.. currently ElinkKVM has been deployed in remote management and support for some bank branches, IT companies support SME (small and medium enterprises ) In Ho Chi Minh City.A other "number" application direction is also very practical in financial management activities of small and medium enterprises provided by a Startup of Vietnam
Based on the platform for automation technology Solutions called Bizzi to help businesses automatically receive, store, manage electronic invoices.Bizzi allows users to automatically extract data suitable for accounting software and ERP system (management software solution to collect, store, analyze data from business activities). The automatic electronic invoicing processing with automation technology, so electronic invoices are stored with the visual display list, allowing businesses to search in different criteria such as bills, houses Supply, date of invoice ... help companies reduce errors, increase performance because each electronic invoice is processed and extracted fast data (less than 30 seconds). In addition, electronic invoices The input is also automatically inspected and authenticated by the system to ensure the validity (electronic signature checks, comparing to the database of the tax authorities ...)
This helps companies be assured of the security and accuracy of data.

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