Lessons From My Brother

It was 3 years younger than me, but when she looked at it, everyone would think I and I had to be apart from each other, seven years. Because of the 5th grade but it is very small, only as a student of 2.0pm 2.0pm / 4: 09 names illustrate / int. Moe said, the small day is ill, or sick, not healthy as me

. So, my brother is extremely lazy, meal meals must force. Completely contrary to me, I am tall, healthy, easy to eat easily. Only thing, I studied not equal to me
Itsworks are always good, where it is. His eyes are always glittering, making the face become incredible elegance. Every time he was praised by the teacher, it was very happy, going to school is worried about the parents in the school. I have nothing to tell, sometimes criticized by teachers for forgetting to do homework late. My brother is gentle. So, I used to tease, especially when only two brothers at home. However, it rarely tips her mother, so I hit the more, like it to cry. But crying and watching it right away, ran playing with your friends in the neighborhood. The summer two years ago, at that time I was 12 years old, and I went to 9. once, when my parents went to work, my brothers were at home Get the ball out
I kicked, I shot. Even if I don't like the game, playing for a while is tired, but I still play very excited when I initiated. I am interested in shooting the ball without being able to take it, just running away to pick up the ball. When I was tired, I wanted to take a break, but I didn't want to stop it soon a ball still kicked. Suddenly, a "birk" sounded, the ceramic vase plugged in spring flowers that mother was extremely beloved to stay on the shelf where the corner of the house was killed by my "sorrowful" shot. My brother from the house ran out, panicked me. My face was probably re-cut, cutting no more drops of blood. My brothers looked at each other, I didn't know what to say. I started thinking how, or asked me to clean up and show it to hide it, don't know anything about the disappearance of the vase? This way sounds good but it seems unstable. Seeing me worried, scared, my brother suddenly said: "I have a way, you don't worry!" I asked how it didn't say.ba mother went back to work, when cleaning the house, she found out the disappearance of the vase, while the flowers were still there. Immediately, she called two brothers and asked. Before my mother's angry attitude, I couldn't answer. My suddenly timid: - I'm sorry for my mother, because I can't break the vase! I hope my mother forgive me! I can't react. Mom Loi Em, hitting her two trees, and punished me at 10 minutes. After finishing, she went to cook rice. I kept standing there, stunned to look at me. I know you hurt, but I don't cry. When I only two brothers, I asked: "Is this my way?" He tried to laugh, and said, "Yes, do you see me smart?" I asked again: - Why do you do that? It's innocent to answer: - Because I think, if I say I do it, I will not hit me, or have a tight beating! I suddenly wanted to cry too much, watching the whip On my little legs, I regret extremely. Why am I so cowardly! I'm big like this, no matter what a blow, while my siren ... is normal, maybe I won't hit me really, but today I'm a very angry mother. Your mother's memory gift sent from Hanoi to give me! What makes me over, I still have a long time to tease me, even hate me because I see my parents who seem to care about you. More attentive squirrels. I should have injured you more than just right. For the first time, I was embarrassed in front of my brother. I apologize to me. It laughed, just like an angel! That night, taking all the courage, I told everything with my parents. At first, she was surprised, almost got angry, but then she seemed to soften. My mother looked at my brother, then gently told me: "I see, I always love you! As brothers, you must know how to cover and share each other. I own, need to know the courage to get an error when wrong, next time can't be like that again! ". I feel more loud. And really grateful to me so much. I, a small child, I can always bullying me taught me a profound lesson about my brotherhood, so I feel loved and pestry Weigher. It was also a memorable memory of my brother, a beautiful childhood memory will follow me forever during the following years. I just want to tell me, "Thank you, brother!".

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